Holiday Family over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Thanksgiving Entertainment with Our Favorite Amazon Devices

It’s no surprise that we brought some of our favorite Amazon Devices with us to Charleston. We rely on our devices to help with tasks around the house, maintain a sense of routine with our kids and keep the boys entertained when we need a minute to get something done. With routines, parental control, easy to navigate Alexa Skills and more, it’s like we have a sense of home as we celebrate Thanksgiving somewhere new.

The three products that made the trip with us were our Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire HD Kids Edition tablet and all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition. All items that are essentially used every single day in our home. We honestly never travel without our Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – it’s the easiest way to have all of our movies and shows, apps, accounts and passwords saved in one place. It’s so easy to plug in and know that Charlie can navigate when needed. Knowing Dave and I would be busy prepping our Thanksgiving dinner this year, we wanted to create a festive set up so the boys could enjoy the day lounging on the couch with a movie and fun activity. 

The new Echo Dot Kids Edition is the cutest new device! It was just released and the sweet little tiger design is the perfect addition to any kid’s room. Charlie and Jack use our Echo Dot Kids Edition alllll the time for everything from story time, dance parties, games and random questions/facts for Alexa. I love that Dave and I can set parental controls (for example: Alexa only responds during certain hours!) and implement the same Routines we use at home. Our all-new Echo Dot Kids Edition helped make a seamless transition to our nighttime routine here and brings a sense of comfort wherever we go.

I got so many questions about the boy’s tablets that we used in the car during our 14-hour drive and we never travel without our Fire HD Kids Edition tablets. We have one for both boys and they essentially have everything you need to get through a long travel day. We have learning apps, movies, games and more on our Fire HD Kids Edition tablets making it easy for the kids to find any sort of entertainment they need.

As a parent, routine is essential in maintaining calm in our day to day and we rely heavily on our Amazon Devices to keep us going. The holidays are such a wonderful time to celebrate but can also be a little chaotic, so I will take any help I can get when it comes to keeping my kids entertained and happy! Shop all of our favorite Amazon Devices here

A big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post!