Holiday Family about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

Olive Lane Holiday Hosting Collection

Champagne Coupes, Cocktail Napkins

Our Olive Lane Holiday hosting collection is here! Where we are celebrating the little moments that mean the most this holiday season. Together, around the table, embracing the mess, inviting little cooks into the kitchen, pulling out the pretty glassware just because, and celebrating the moments that matter with the ones we love. Because the mess IS the joy and Olive Lane is here to make it magical. 

Everything that we select for Olive Lane is meant to be intentional, functional, beautiful and fun. My whole mindset when selecting these products is playful, to inspire you to not let the cooking, prepping and hosting be stressful but enjoyable! To teach your kids that memories begin around the table, around your kitchen counters, at home.

Pink Wine Glasses, Placemat Set, Pine Napkins

Pomponette Vase, Dotdot Platter, White Ruffle Frame

You know, I’ve learned so much about what I want Olive Lane to be since it began a year ago. What started as a place to find fun plates and serve ware for kids quickly turned into a place to spark joy in the kitchen. I heard from so many moms who felt discouraged, uninspired and defeated in the kitchen when it came to cooking for their families that I realized I needed to bring the FUN back into the kitchen. So everything we introduce to you is meant to spark joy, even if it means sipping your wine out of a pretty glass while reheating some pizza. I want you to open your kitchen cabinets and feel excited! To welcome to mess that comes with being the host. To embrace the chaos because the chaos is what makes life fun. We are here for the fun!

Champagne Coupes, Ice Tray

Merry Merry Mango Tray, Balsam and Berry Napkins, Wood Feasting Board

Pink Wine Glasses, Mixed Pauline Candle Holder, Pom Pom Candle Holder, Volute Candles, Teal Tapered Candle

Little Hottie Baking Dish, Muffin Pan

Green Drinking Glasses

We will have another holiday launch filled with gift ideas in a couple weeks! Thank you so much for your support of Olive Lane! You can shop all of our new arrivals HERE.

Photos by Charlotte Elizabeth Photo.