Holiday Style over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Thanksgiving Plans

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How are you guys feeling about the fact that Thanksgiving is TWO WEEKS AWAY? Like, what? I still can’t wrap my head around how quickly this year has gone by. We don’t have very much on the calendar this season and I sort of feel sad to miss out on all of the festive attire. I’m not one to shy away from novelty anyways so I still plan to add some flare to my everyday outfits. I’ve mentioned this before but sweatsuits aren’t my outfit of choice so coming up with looks to celebrate the holidays at home (and at 8 months pregnant!) will be an interesting task. I’ve been living in dresses since that’s pretty much all that fits the bump and it’s so warm here!

Before I can get ready for Christmas, I’m still anticipating Thanksgiving here in Charleston! My parents and my brother will actually be here to celebrate with my grandmother so we all get to be together. They will be driving in a week early to enjoy some time here, too. My mom’s side of the family has a house on Seabrook Island (a quick drive from Charleston) so they will be staying there. I’m so excited to host them at the house we rented and have already been planning our menu, activities and more. I usually LOVE planning my Thanksgiving outfit but this year I’m opting for a casual hostess vibe. This look is perfect for that in-between where you want to feel special but you don’t really have anyone to impress – ha.

A little reminder that the magic of this season and time of year exists because of tradition and memories and the way it makes us feel. So do whatever makes you happy! Make a full meal or order take out. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. I know that everyone’s plans have changed this year and we are all taking necessary precautions to make sure that we are staying sensitive to the constantly changing restrictions, wherever we/you are. I love getting my kids involved when it comes to cooking and entertaining so we will be prepping for the holidays as much as we can! Part of me can’t wait to get home to Chicago to celebrate in our own home, with a Christmas tree, twinkly lights and nightly fires.

You better believe I’ll be making a big batch of my grandmother’s chex mix – it’s our Thanksgiving tradition, the perfect snack for football and just hanging out.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?? I’d love to know what everyone is doing!

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  1. How are you celebrating while keeping it COVID safe as CDC guidelines recommend not celebrating with those living outside your household? “do whatever makes you happy”? “blow it up or lay low”?? I really enjoy your content and have gotten helpful recommendations for my baby but I am finding this post really tone deaf and borderline irresponsible. I know you don’t AT ALL intend it to be that way because you clearly have a big heart and make uplifting content that I love consuming. It would be great if you could address this in the comments or your Instagram as you have a big audience. I hope this reads as constructive feedback and not an attack. I really do think you’re great!

    1. I’m so sorry my words may have come off the wrong way. I mean’ this on an individual level, if you’re celebrating solo or with a few family members – don’t put pressure on yourself to make a full meal was more my goal with those words. I’m going to change my wording, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

      1. I really appreciate your response Liz. It’s so hard putting yourself out there on the internet. I could never do it so I respect you a lot for being so open and so responsive to your community. It puts influencers like you in another category above most and it is why you’re so good at what you do. Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Sadly have had to cancel all plans to see family for Thanksgiving due to rise in covid cases and new restrictions stemming from this. IL may have stay at home order by the time Thanksgiving is here so unfortunately many families will not be able to be together.

    1. Yes we are all adjusting this year! VERY grateful that my family is able to come a week early to make sure everyone is healthy before we get together on Thanksgiving day.

      1. Appreciate your response to the more concerned/critical notes here. I think holiday plans are just a bit of a sore subject this year. The whole situation is disappointing on so many levels so seeing Thanksgiving “excitement” here just triggered me. No criticism intended, just having a lot of feelings here. 🙂

  3. I’m not sure exactly what you meant by this comment, but it seems really irresponsible to tell people to “blow it up” on the holidays. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. There is a 39% chance of catching covid at a 10 person gathering in Chicago. I usually really like your blog but this feels really irresponsible to say.

    1. And so many of us are having to cancel plans as directed by work/school/government and feeling down about it. I don’t come here for medical advice (of course!) but this just feels out of touch with the holiday plans that most of us have due to Covid. I guess your family might also have to change plans as things evolve though.

    2. I meant that on an individual basis with an emphasis on cooking – like make a full meal or don’t. Clearly my words didn’t come out the right way and I’m going to make an adjustment. I’m so sorry!

  4. Wow. I’m a longtime reader and enjoy your content, but this is an incredibly tone deaf post. There is a global pandemic. I sincerely hope others don’t read this post and follow your example. Plans exactly as you’ve described them are the reason we can’t get a handle on the pandemic and people are dying.

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry you feel that way. The plans we have in place are all being done in a safe matter. Please see my other comments with more details. I appreciate your input!

  5. Hi Liz. I’ve followed your blog since the start and truly care about your business and family. However, your attitude and recent posts have been really out of touch and irresponsible. I’m all for staying positive but acting as though the global pandemic isn’t happening is too much. Many of us are facing new stay-at-home orders and isolating from our families while you travel between states and visit family for the holidays. You mention that they’re coming an extra week early—where’s the research to support that as a way to stop spreading COVID? I haven’t seen this as a suggestion or restriction anywhere (usually it’s 14 days). It’s irresponsible to suggest something that has no basis and seems completely made up to suit your travel and holiday wants.

    Obviously we aren’t coming to your blog for health advice but it’s disconcerting seeing you out and about as though this was any other year when most people are finding a new normal. You have always been one of my favorite influencers but I just can’t stomach this content in today’s climate.

    1. Hi Jess, I’m really sorry this post made you feel that way. I am really an open book with my followers which is why I was completely transparent about our plans. We have taken every precaution since coming here. We traveled between states with COVID test on both ends (just because that is something I don’t document doesn’t mean that we aren’t being safe), my family is driving here with COVID tests on both ends. We have had limited interaction with others since being here and are grateful for nicer weather that allows us to be outdoors or in our own rented home. My family is coming here for the purpose of visiting my grandmother who no one has seen since last Christmas. We are taking all precautions outlined by her retirement home for visiting and are following every direction we are given. They are currently isolating leading up to their drive from Illinois and will be staying at a different house than us. We are very cautious about our actions and I think it’s really hard to judge based on so many different regulations across every state. We are following guidelines as we would if we were at home.

      It’s a tough space to be an influencer because I think it’s expected that our every actions be shared. We are not being irresponsible and just because I don’t share EVERY MOVE WE MAKE, doesn’t mean we aren’t taking things seriously. We are all doing the best that we can and controlling what we can control. I really appreciate your comment and giving me the opportunity to respond! Thank you for following.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Liz. You’re under no obligation to share everything, but I wonder if choosing to show so little of what you’re doing to be cautious is what’s bringing out this response from folks. If you guys are following guidelines—awesome! But when what we see is a typical holiday celebration and vacation travel that aren’t options for most of us, it’s hard to get that sense. You absolutely have the right to be private with your family decisions, but I think omitting that part or being vague might be why people are confused. Anyway, I appreciate your response and wish you guys well.

  6. I’ve been a loyal follower for many years and have always enjoyed you, your family and your content but the tone of your recent posts, especially this one is just too much in today’s climate. So many of us haven’t seen our family, friends and colleagues for months and have been sacrificing things like seeing new babies, celebrating milestones and now traditional holiday plans. It comes off as tone deaf and ignorant for you to post about traveling to different states, going out to eat, and having holiday parties with your family like nothing is happening. It seems particularly irresponsible for you to mention you’re all getting together with your grandma, when we all know elderly folks are at an increased risk of getting sick. I’ve always enjoyed your blog but it’s just not something I can stomach anymore.

    1. Thanks for your comment and I can totally understand your sensitivity to our plans. I gave some more details in other comments if you’d like to read. Thanks for your input!