Gift Guides over 3 years ago by Liz Adams

Give the Gift of Calm this Season

Shop this image: No. 1 Season of Intention Gift Set // No. 2 Spiced Bergamot Daily Drops // No. 3 Cranberry Elderflower Daily Drops // No. 4 Joy of Sleep Gift Set // No. 5 Daily Treatment Oil // No. 6 Luxury Bath Bomb // No. 7 Comfort of Calm Gift Set // No. 8 Peace of Mind Gift Set

As we near the end of 2020, I’m feeling hopeful for a new year of fresh possibilities and changes. It’s been a year of heavy emotions and I’ve dedicated a lot of time to creating new habits that encourage a healthier mindset. I’ve asked for help, I’ve leaned into my feelings and I’ve learned that it’s okay to seek support when needed. One of my most valued partners over the past two years, Equilibria, just launched their holiday gift sets and I can’t think of a more wonderful gift for the ones you love this season.

Equilibria’s premium CBD has been a product that I have leaned on over the past two years for sleep support and managing my anxiety and stress (you can read more about my CBD journey here). CBD can also provide deep support for those struggling with pain, inflammation, hormonal imbalance and so much more. Whether you’re interested in trying CBD yourself or you know someone who might benefit from a little extra calm this year, Equilibria’s Holiday Presale Event is the perfect time to shop! Here are the details:

Equilibria’s Holiday Presale Event

Dates: November 9 – 11

Details: Buy any holiday item and get 30% OFF SITEWIDE. The holiday kits are already discounted as part of the holiday presale event, so this is a super great deal! Even better: if you’re a new customer, you can get an additional 15% off your order using my code LIZADAMS.

I thought I would highlight what’s included in the gift sets, because they contain some of my all-time favorite Equilibria products.

The Season of Intention Gift Set ($189 // $244 value): This is truly the VIP of gift sets because it includes the daily soft gels, limited-edition cranberry elderflower drops which are DELICIOUS, mineral bath soak (heavenly), and the brand-new daily treatment oil for body/face. I would gift this to a new mom, essential worker, or just someone who needs some extra pampering this year. Honestly, I would love to receive this myself!

The Peace of Mind Gift Set ($79 // $128 value): I feel calmer just looking at this gift set, which includes two of the dynamic CBD rollers that are so amazing. Whenever your afternoon gets extra hectic, just use the rollers on the inside of your wrist or your temples for some relaxing aromatherapy. I love that you have two options — calming and energizing — depending on what you need that day!

The Joy of Sleep Gift Set ($129 // $176 value): I never had issues falling asleep, but I would often wake up with my mind racing and find it impossible to go back to sleep. It wasn’t until I started taking a daily gel before bed that I was able to sleep through the night, and DEEPLY. There are lots of things to keep you up at night these days, but this kit could help!

The Comfort of Calm Gift Set ($99 // $152 value): This topical-only gift set is all about bringing some balance back into your body! The Relief Cream is the BEST thing for sore muscles after a hard workout, and the Mindful Mineral Soak just puts your whole body at ease. I’m super excited about the daily treatment oil, which includes healing oils and 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD to combat the harsh effects of winter on your skin.

I also love the idea of throwing a couple of small things into a stocking, like a bath bomb, travel-size drops, or a bottle of the holiday-edition daily drops!

Whether you know someone who’s battling extra anxiety or struggling with sleep, I think that any of these items would make a thoughtful gift that’s sure to be appreciated! Though I’m not currently taking CBD while pregnant (there just isn’t enough research!), so many of my family members use it as part of their daily routines and it’s made a world of difference!

To learn more about the inspiring women behind Equilibria, check out our interview with Founder + CEO Coco Meers!