Holiday Family over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Making Caramel Apples for Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving has long been one of my favorite holidays. Dave used to throw an epic celebration when he still lived with his buddies and those nights remain some of my favorite memories of our time in the city. It’s the perfect time to celebrate with our friends before the craziness of the holiday season. Now our Friendsgiving festivities look a little different since the majority of our friends have kiddos. We have to make sure that our parties can also accommodate our toddlers. Since we are anticipating baby #2, we offered to host this year and it has pushed me to come up with some fun activities for both parents and kids alike.

This year I am pulling inspiration from the holiday hack videos that American Express created in partnership with Refinery 29. They came up with the cutest recipes and décor to provide inspiration for your next Friendsgiving bash. I loved their chocolate dipped fortune cookie recipe but decided to do something similar with caramel apples (because who can resist them this time of year). I knew it would be something that Charlie would love so we decided to test out our caramel apple station and it was a hit.

I decided on three types of toppings: mini m&m’s, mini chocolate chips and crushed up graham cracker. I also bought wooden sticks, bakery twine and cellophane bags so everyone could take their caramel apples to go and enjoy later! A swear I had just as much fun as Charlie did making these. Plus, with my Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express I got 3% cash back on all of the ingredients at my local US Supermarket. The best perk!

Do you celebrate Friendsgiving? Do you have any fun rituals or traditions? I definitely recommend checking out these hacks for some fun holiday inspo!

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