Charlie over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Favorite Baby Clothes from Nordstrom

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I don’t know what happened when Charlie turned one but getting him dressed has become so much fun. Once they become mobile it doesn’t feel like they have to constantly be in pajamas (but we usually are when we are at home and this is our favorite set!). Charlie is such a little boy. Everything is aggressive and rough and he is always on the move. He is just about to walk and I’ve started to put him in shoes to give him more stability. I bought these, these, these and these (I can’t help myself) and it is so much fun to watch him figure everything out.

I get so many questions about my favorite places to shop for Charlie and one of my go-to’s is always Nordstrom. They have a ton of our favorite brands in one place – Patagonia, Baby Boden, Tucker and Tate, Peek and Splendid. Charlie basically in basics – skinny jeans and tees – but I am so excited to put him and sweaters, fleeces and little vests for fall. You can shop more of my picks for Charlie below!

Shop the post: Tucker and Tate Tee  //  Peek Camo Pant  //  Converse Shoes

In collaboration with Nordstrom.