Charlie over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

Where I Shop for the Boys

on Jack: Jimmy Short, Beau Polo or get the set for 15% off!
on George: Graham Short, James Tee (wearing 18M)
on Charlie: Charlie Tee, Jimmy Short

My most frequently asked question when it comes to being a boy mom is “where do you shop for cute boy clothes?” And I get it, it’s hard. For one, boys are reckless. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent money on something only to see it end up with holes and rips and never to be worn again. I also find it hard to find good “in-between” outfits – pieces that are cute and put together without being too dressy or formal. My boys play hard no matter what they are wearing and finding pieces to let them do that while also looking cute, can be a struggle.

One of the things I’ve noticed since moving to Charleston is kids are way more dressed up than they were in Chicago. Not necessarily ready for church but their pieces are a little more polished and a little less camp counselor, which is how I’ve described Charlie’s clothing preference the past two years (ha). My style doesn’t lean dressy for my kids, mostly because they aren’t comfortable in those clothes most days (I love a good collared shirt but that is usually the extent). So I find myself spending less on the dressy pieces and more on the items that will hold up and look cute for boyhood.

This year, I made a pact with myself that I would put a little more energy into dressing my kids in clothes that look good AND hold up well, rather than banking on places like Old Navy, H&M and Target to get by. Nothing wrong with those places, and I still shop there for them, but after COVID, I wanted to put more effort into their wardrobes.

One brand we love is Baybala. Cute, classic basics for kids that are QUALITY. They durability and softness of their pieces is what I notice first but just in general, their stuff is cute, simple but elevated enough. Katie created these pieces because she is a boy mom, too. She gets how rough and tumble boys can be but didn’t want to sacrifice style for her littles. I also love that you can buy pieces in a set (making it easy to assemble outfits) and they also have matching pieces for women (great for family photos!). And don’t get me started on their little girls collection – the sweetest.

A few other places I love to shop for the boys:

Pitt Street Kids



Cadets Shorts

Little Paper Boat

Rylee + Cru

…to name a few! I find that investing in pieces that don’t feel super fancy but are still elevated enough, my kids are happy and mama is happy. Also, all of these brands create GOOD products. Which I appreciate. No more holes in the knees when the pieces are strong enough to withstand spills!