Charlie over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Keeping the Kids in a Routine

While we’ve been at home I’ve tried to set six tasks that we have to accomplish throughout the day to give us some sense of routine and accomplishment. One of those is getting the boys dressed and ready for the day! I feel like even just that small “task” can change their mindset from our morning routine to it’s time to get the day started! Even the smallest check mark is a success over here. I thought it may be helpful to share what our task list for the day looks like! It varies for both boys but this is generally what we try to accomplish each day!

  1. Brush teeth, make your bed, clean up your books.
  2. Get dressed + put jammies in laundry
  3. Color for 30 minutes (or another creative activity like puzzles)
  4. Read 5-10 books in your room
  5. Clean off meal plates and put in the dishwasher (this is more for Charlie)
  6. 30-60 minutes of learning for Charlie.

As the days go by it gets harder and harder to get out of pajamas let alone remember what day it is, ha. Getting ready (even if it’s for nothing) has been a huge help for all of our motivation. I let Charlie pick out a few new clothing items for him and Jack and he was so excited when they arrived! One of those items is this tie dye hoodie which I think you’ve seen him wear everyday – he is obsessed! We ordered this similar stripe style for Jack and I love that they are lightweight for Spring but still add an additional layer for warmth. We also found these cute tie dye tees, some new skinny jeans, these graphic tees and this ombre sweatshirt. Charlie is very on trend with all of his tie dye selections, ha. Walmart has some super cute stuff for kids right now. If you have a daughter I’m loving this, this and this! Also I want these citrus jammies for myself. 

Even if it means we are going for a walk around the block or playing in the backyard, the kids’ mentality changes when we get ready for the day. Kind of like us! It’s all about creating some sense of normalcy during an uncertain time. 

A big thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!