Our Wedding over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

A Love Letter to My Husband

Liz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding DayLiz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding DayLiz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding DayLiz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding DayLiz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding DayLiz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding DayLiz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding DayLiz Adams Chicago Blogger Wedding Dayadams-0637 Dear Dave,

Today is our second wedding anniversary! How did that happen? It feels like yesterday and also feels like forever ago. So much has changed since September 20, 2014. I look back at our wedding photos with tears in my eyes (it was the BEST day) and think about how wonderful life was when it was just you and I.

Over the past few years we have been busy. Working on our relationship, planning our wedding, building our own businesses, working on our computers late at night, cooking up a baby and finding our new normal as parents. It hasn’t always been easy and sometimes I look back at our wedding photos and think about how carefree our lives were. The only thing to focus on was us and that’s exactly what we did. It was the best.

In 8 days our son will be one. For the last year we have had to put our relationship to the side to focus on keeping our child alive, make sure we are being good parents to C and Webster, hope that we are teaching Charlie and making sure he feels love at all times as we continue to work on our businesses and sleep when we can. It hasn’t been easy. Especially those first few months when I wasn’t myself. I took my emotions out on you and created even more distance between us. My type A personality got the best of me as I thought I had this parent thing down. When I struggled with some depression and sadness the first two months of Charlie’s life I didn’t want to believe it. I was supposed to be an amazing mom.

You on the other hand have always been an amazing dad. Since the day Charlie was born and your eyes filled with tears. I knew you were going to own this roll. You have always been the most sincere, genuine, optimistic, charismatic, thoughtful and sensitive person in moments when I’m not. You bring out the best in me on days when I feel like the walls are caving in. You are always content. You never want more. You are exactly who I hope Charlie grows up to be and I feel so lucky that I get to call you my husband.

So on our two year wedding anniversary, I can say that a lot has changed. As much as I loved the days before, I wouldn’t trade this life we have for anything in the world. Learning to be parents with you has been the most humbling and hilarious experience. I fall more in love you everyday, watching you be a dad to Charlie. I am so proud of the person that you are – you are driven, you are kind and you are selfless.

There is a quote from one of our favorite movies, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” where George Bailey’s brother Harry toasts to ‘his brother George, the richest man in town.” That is you. If wealth was measured in friends, you would be the richest man in town. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be your wife but spending forever with you won’t be enough. Happy Anniversary!

I love you, Dave!


Photos by Tim Tab Studios.