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Happy Weekend

FridayTGIF people! Seriously. One week closer to Christmas and a well deserved breather for all of us. It was another hectic week with lots of sore throats and cold medicine to make sure I made it out alive. I think the anticipation of the holidays and family time makes it hard to work this time of year, no? Plus, it has been freezing here in Chicago. Freezing is actually an understatement, like too cold to even step foot outside – below zero temps kind of cold. But it doesn’t matter because I still get to come home to the smell of my favorite candles and our Christmas tree twinkling in the dark and that makes it a good day around here. What’s on your agenda for this weekend? I NEED to finish up my Christmas shopping, especially since I don’t have enough free time to physically go into a store so everything has been done online. I have to rush if I want to get it here before Christmas without paying extra shipping. Eek! Thankfully there are a ton of sales going on this time of year and with a shorter time between Thanksgiving and Christmas I don’t feel like I am shopping as much – anyone else feel this way?

On a complete side note I wanted to check in with you guys and see how everything is going with the new site. Does it seem easy to navigate? Is it easy to follow? I want to make sure that those of you who are subscribers were able to update their Bloglovin’ and Feedly accounts after Google Reader closed shop. If you used to have S&S in your feed and it doesn’t show up anymore, try re-subscribing – here are the direct links to Sequins & Stipres: Bloglovin’ and Feedly! I am also working on an email subscribe option to get new posts straight to your inbox! Keep a look out for this in early 2014. 2014? Crazy.

Alright friends, wherever you are I hope you have a wonderful, cozy, and warm weekend!

And, if you’re looking for some last minute gift steals, here are a few of my favorites on sale!

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