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Staying Connected

Saying-connectedI don’t know about you guys but with how crazy vast the internet is these days and the number of social platforms there are to stay connected with people, it sometimes feels like it is hard to keep up. I love this blog. It has created this community that is completely separate from my day to day life that allows me to harbor my creativity, express myself, share my passions, and document my growth. It has allowed for interaction and conversation with readers, has initiated new passions for me {and hopefully others!} and always aims to be a happy place of inspiration. There are too many dark corners of the internet so I always hope for this place to be a bright spot in your day! However, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat {still learning! follow me @lizadamsss} it is fun to be able to share more personal details of my life here in Chicago. So basically, follow along! Dave and I will be on the beach for the next week and there are sure to be some fun photos that don’t make it to the blog.

Another thing to note, if you follow me in instagram {right this way people!} you might notice that I sometimes include #liketkit which allows you to shop the items that I’m wearing in that photo. Signing up is easy. Just visit, register your email once, and get an email with shoppable links and images to each items when you like my photos. You can get an email as often as you’d like {as soon as you like the photo or just one email a week!}. I do make a small commission off any items you purchase but it saves you having to ask what I’m wearing and me trying to sift through comments. I know I miss a lot of yours! You can also browse my instagram outfits here

Have an amazing weekend, friends!

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