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Happy Weekend

Fridayimage from Stephanie’s adorable blog.

F R I D A Y. I have been waiting all week for you to show up. This week felt like a doozy, I think because I have been waking up every morning with a sore throat and just anticipating a cold to show up – not yet but those sore throats always make me feel like I need to slow it down a bit. Thankfully, giving myself two days off should do just the trick. We are headed to Michigan to finally celebrate our engagement with Dave’s mom and visit with friends in his hometown. Have you guys ever been to Michigan in the fall? It’s really pretty. So many changing leaves, so many lakes, and they have cider mills where you can wake up early, throw on your favorite cozy sweater, and eat/sip hot donuts and cider while browsing an adorable little market filled with pumpkins and homemade jams and weird things that you tell yourself you have to buy. I plan on leaving my computer at home to fully enjoy the weekend away. So you should do the same, k? It always feels nice to unplug. See you Monday!

PS: Just in case you’re in the mood for some weekend shopping, Saks is having their Friends & Family sale! 25% off everything with code FRNFAM. I’m a sucker for Sunday morning online shopping so feel free to browse my favorites from the sale below!