Wellness 11 months ago by Liz Adams

Summer Wellness Mindset

Dear Georgie Swimsuit, Isabel Marant Sunglasses

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen that I’ve been re-evaluating my nutrition (or lack there of). The thing is I *think* I eat pretty healthy but after a couple of weeks of feeling really rundown, bloated, hungry and tired I started to look at what I was putting into my body on a daily basis. I quickly realized that my protein levels were seriously low and I needed a little diet overhaul.

To give you a little back story, I always say that I generally eat pretty healthy but to be honest this only really pertains to dinner. I am good about making a protein/vegetable combination at night but the rest of my day is a free for all. I tend to always be in a “hurry” – whether I’m balancing mom life, working from home in a short window of time, running errands or drop offs, etc. But being in a hurry is just an excuse and I got into this routine of snacking on salami, kettle chips, an apple with peanut butter, cucumbers and cheese and beyond. My lunch was basically one big snack which would turn into more snacking throughout the day. I’ve been in this routine of fasting until noon after doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss a few years ago and as much as I do feel like it helps with bloating, it definitely doesn’t help my hunger from noon on. Especially if I’m working out in the morning and not fueling my body after. I just knew I needed to rethink what I’m consuming and how it is affecting me as I get older.

Age is a funny thing. In my head I still feel like I’m 22 but after three babies and turning 37 in a couple of months, I’m beginning to see the affects age has on my body. It’s really easy to settle into something that works but I’m realizing now that my body needs some tweaks. Things are softer, moving slower, getting droopier and more dimply. Realizing that I’m NOT 22 anymore is sad but also encourages me to make some changes and do good for this body that does so much for me.

Back to protein. So I’m not being super strict about the amount of grams of protein I’m consuming every day. After reading a few articles about protein intake for women and more so for women who exercise frequently, the recommendations are sort of all over the board. In general I’m trying to get 25-30 grams of protein per meal. That has looked like a protein shake in the morning (after my workout), cottage cheese and a chicken wrap for lunch, maybe a meat stick as a snack and then a protein/veggie combination for dinner. Again, I’m not super strict but I’m just trying to be more aware of what I’m consuming! By doing so, I’ve noticed I’m not leaning towards the “empty” foods – like kettle chips, crackers with cheese, etc. and I am way more full, satisfied throughout the day. I feel like I’ve lived through so many food trends like fasting, ending your day in a calorie deficit, ditching carbs and dairy and so on and I just finally feel like I need to LISTEN to my body and do what feels best for me.

Some days aren’t as great as others, and that’s okay. Again, I’m not putting myself on a diet or keeping myself from anything that I love. But being more aware of my diet naturally makes me gravitate towards things that will FUEL my body. I have been focused on this for a few weeks and definitely notice a difference in the lean-ness of my body, I am not as bloated (I was eating way too much salt!), I feel more energized throughout the day and I am performing better in my workouts. I have been trying to document what I’m making for myself on a daily basis here, if it helps!

Overall, I think as a mom it is really easy to neglect ourselves. To feel the weight of parenting (or ANY other life experience you’re currently in), to feel rushed and too busy. But giving myself an extra 10 minutes to make something for myself, to slow down and make a better effort to think about what I feed myself (just as I do my kids!). It really makes a big difference.

I’ve had to seriously adjust my routine this summer as schedules and childcare shift and feeling like I can control what I’m eating has made a big difference in my mindset. My old trainer used to always tell me it is 20% activity, 80% what you eat. If my summer is going to be crazy, at least I can make sure I’m getting what I need in my diet. Shifting your mindset makes all the difference. No deprivation here! Just more of the good stuff.