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Coffee with Liz • February 26, 2023

Did your kids ever go through stages where they favored one parent over the other? How did you deal with it?

I can’t specifically think of one but there are definitely moments when I’m surprised my kids favor one parent versus the other. But I also welcome it! I want all of my kids to have individual relationships and needs from us if that makes sense? I think it is important to feel love from us as a whole and different love from us individually. Just like I go to my parents for different things! It makes the bond stronger.

What do you feel are the best wardrobe items to splurge and save on?

I never have a problem splurging on denim because the cost per wear always makes sense for me. Same with sneakers and dresses. I also justify a coat here and there!

Are there any new products or sales coming to Olive Lane this spring?

I just talked about this in Instagram stories! Working through some changes behind the scenes and hope to update you soon! But expect a big launch in (hopefully) May 🙂

How long did it take you to put moving to Charleston into action?

Making a move to Charleston was on our radar before we had kids (we even had a realtor back in the day!) but once we finally made the decision to go for it happened very fast. We rented a house for a month in November 202 to “try it out” and after a week we got a realtor, put an offer on a house and had the inspection all before we even went back to Chicago! We put our house in Chicago on the market in December, sold it, had George and moved to Charleston in early March when George was 7 weeks old. So once we made the decision, it happened fast!

I’m getting married in a civil ceremony in Miami soon…what should I wear?!

Ohhh congrats!! I would wear a pretty satin or silk dress, his gorgeous headband (this is a look for less) and Hangisi flats.

When is the best time of year to visit Charleston? I’m bringing the kids along, too!

I would say May, June or October, November! Personally, those are my favorite months here.

You’re juggling a lot with a career and kids! What helps you stay calm and collected?

Ugh I don’t know. I’m sort of feeling lost lately. Like serious imposter syndrome. But I know it is a phase (I’ve been there before). What keeps me calm and collected is putting my phone away. Focusing on my life instead of sharing. It’s hard to keep up sometimes and honestly most days I sort of feel like I don’t know what to share. But taking time away usually ignites my creativity again. Spending dedicated time with my kids also fills my cup more than anything else. I feel most calm and collected when I separate the need to share and living my life instead.

What are your all-time favorites and current favorite shows to watch with Dave?

My all-time favorites are Friends, New Girl, Parks + Rec and the Office. I could watch those mindlessly every single night. But Dave and I together have loved Ozark, Breaking Bad, we just finished the first season of White Lotus and that may be it. We don’t watch a lot of shows! We go to bed very early ha. Someone please tell me how they have the time and energy to watch a good show! I wish I could but after the kids go to bed I am exhausted, too. I REALLY love to watch Documentaries. That is sort of my jam.

I’m about to have my third kid in May…what was the best advice you got for going from two to three?

Hmm, I don’t know if I remember specific advice but I feel like my advice would be to embrace it. It’s chaotic but sooo enjoyable if you let it be. I think in general I am constantly reminding myself that childhood is short. One day I’ll miss it all – the mess, the noise, the constant questions and to-dos. But I can’t imagine the day when all of that is gone. And by baby #3 you know how short the baby phase is, so savor it. Let all the energy remind you of how full your life is in this moment.

How often do you turn down brand partnerships? Are there any partnerships you regretted?

Every day! It is rare for me to sign with a partner that I don’t consistently work or use in my daily life anymore. But I am very aware of what you guys want to see and what you don’t, ha. For example, I just turned down a brand campaign for an allergy medicine for kids (I’m sure you could guess what it is). And even though we are knee-deep in allergy medicine over here, it is not a pretty partnership. It requires a lot of legal rhetoric and I don’t usually love working with brands that require such strict talking points. In terms of regret, I can’t really think of one off the top of my head!

I have some professional conferences coming up soon. Do you have any workwear recommendations for spring (dress options preferred)?

I feel like I’m so out of the loop with corporate attire. BUT, if it were me I love this, this, this and this. For a little more casual look, I think this stripe poplin dress is gorgeous.

How long did you breastfeed each child? Anything you’d do differently?

George was my longest and I nursed him for 6 months. I wouldn’t do anything different! I tried my hardest with all of them and was proud that I was able to do it. But holy shit it is not for the faint of heart.

Do you use a retinol? I’ve been looking for one and all the options are overwhelming!

Yes! But I have to be careful because sometimes it can irritate my skin. When first starting with a retinol I recommend really simplifying your routine, stick to cleanser and moisturizer and see how the retinol reacts to your skin. I try to avoid any other acids (like cut it all out for a week) and add retinol in 1-2x a week to see how your skin reacts. Sunday Riley A+ Retinol and Kiehls Micro Dose Retinol are two of my favorites.

Any outfit ideas for a Taylor Swift concert in May? I’ll be 27 weeks pregnant, too!

So fun! I went to a Taylor Swift concert pregnant with Jack at probably the same amount of weeks!

I love this cute floral mini dress (I would probably size up for the belly + boobs), this pretty floral dress give a little more room, also love this dress, and then a no-fail option would be this dress, with cute sneakers (I also am eyeing these!) and a cute little floral jacket! Or a denim jacket.

If you were planning a wedding now, what are some decor ideas, trends, etc. that you love?

I still love everything we did for our wedding. You can see it here! But if it were today, I would probably do something much smaller and more intimate.

What are three pieces of advice you would give your pre-kids self?

Trust yourself. All the best moments of your life haven’t happened yet. Nothing good happens past midnight. 🙂

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