Ask Liz about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • January 6, 2023

Do you have any tips for improving running times? I’m very much a non-professional/casual runner!

I notice the biggest increase in my running times when I build up my endurance through weight training. The more I get consistent with lifting weights (probably 2x a week), the stronger my runs become. I never push myself on time for runs more than 3 miles because I just can’t keep up with that pace but whenever I run 3 miles I like to see how fast I can get. It’s fun! So I would say don’t set big expectations and start small!

What was the best Christmas gift you gave and received this year?

The best gift I gave was the Storyworth books that my dad compiled over the past year! I had one made for each member of my family. My best gifts received were from the boys – Jack got me bracelets from Walmart and Charlie got me a sour apple scented candle, haha. But they were so proud to give them to me and it was the best.

Did you sleep train your kids? If so, which program did you use?

Yes! I mostly followed this awake window chart for Charlie and Jack, mixed with a little Moms on Call for George in the early days. But then after the 4 month sleep regression we did cry it out method for a few days and never looked back!

Your hair has been looking amazing! How do you get your waves?

Thank you! I want to chop it off. Ha! My hair is naturally very wavy so usually I blow dry to smooth and then use my T3 wand with 1″ barrel (on sale! I’ve had this for 5 years) to get the waves. I brush them out so they are softer and less “curly” if that makes sense.

What are your go-to cleaning products that you use around the house?

I vacuum multiple times a day with this vacuum (nothing fancy but gets the job done!). I love Puracy cleaners and hand soap and Seventh Generation dish soap. I have this floor mop in my Amazon cart!

Any fashion trends you can’t get on board with right now?

Hm good question – I’m not super into the masculine dressing , big blazers don’t do it for me, big wide leg jeans swallow up my figure. I would say my style stays pretty consistent without sticking to too many trends! I love the look of wide leg trousers on other people but I just look like a slob when I wear them. I still need a level of tailored silhouettes to work with my body type! I tend to stick to feminine silhouettes with good detail.

What are your must-have items for a baby registry?

With George I would say the Baby Brezza and DockAtot were our most loved items! We also love the Hatch. I am sort of old now in the registry phase – I’m not in on all the cool monitors, we use this Infant Optics monitor and it is great. I sort of prefer to keep it simple!

I just got a second ear piercing! How do you style your double piercings for everyday wear?

I usually just put a tiny stud in my second hole or a tight little huggie!

Do you have any fitness or health goals for the year?

Just maintain! And more positive self talk. I could probably eat healthier but I feel like I have a good balance going on between consciously eating and enjoying life!

Did you ever feel like you just didn’t know what to do as a mom?

YES. Being a mom is so hard. I am reminded that right now as all three of our kids are sick, I had a fever last night and Dave is traveling for work. It took me awhile to let go of amazing mom expectations all the time and just GIVE IN to the situation. But you sort of have to look at it as a marathon, not a sprint. Not everyday is going to be sunshine and rainbows. It’s okay to have a slow day where you’re not constantly coming up with things to do with your kids. Your kids don’t need to have the best day ever, every day. We all deserve a little break.

But maybe you mean just generally being a mom, like in the early days? And in that case also yes. I still can’t believe I’m a mom most days and I’m constantly learning from the experience. But I think trusting yourself is the biggest advantage you can have in the situation. We’re doing great!

Any fun trips planned for 2023?

Yes a few! We are going to Harbour Island, Bahamas next weekend for a long weekend with the kids and some friends! Dave and I are going on a couples ski trip to Park City in March with my best friends from high school. We have Spring Break plans in April! Then back to the Midwest in July. It is going to be fall before we know it!

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