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My 2023 New Year Playlist

Listen to this playlist on my Spotify channel here

There’s nothing like a new year and a fresh start to put you in the mood for some new tunes. I’ve been listening to holiday music for the past month and I was ready for some feel-good, mood-boosting jams. Listen to the playlist by clicking on the link below!

HAF New Year Playlist

I have a few other go-to playlists on Spotify that I listen to all the time. Our HAF Fall Playlist is super comforting and cozy, I turn up my “It’s a Vibe” playlist when I’m working out, and this “Good Days” playlist is a HAF fan favorite.

What other songs have you been listening to lately? Leave a comment below with any suggestions — I’m always looking for new music!

Happy 2023!

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  1. Just wanted to say that we’ve loved the HAF fall list since you first shared it – so much so that I had to copy it to my personal Apple Music playlist because that’s what our family uses. One oour favorites while out on the lake in the summer. ❤️ Checking out “It’s a Vibe” while I exercise tomorrow. Thank you for creating these and for all your content.

  2. You make the BEST playlists!!! Your summer playlist is my most played ever. But I love every single one. Also I saw you say that hearts mean a lot to you on your blog and comments don’t come as often. I check your blog regularly and didn’t realize that. But you’re one of my OG faves. Love everything you do (and I’m taking a big IG break again and so happy to have your blog!!) xoxo

  3. Hi Liz:

    Awhile ago I started following your Hello Adams fam playlist I believe you curated with your brother. We have a vacation home in Charleston and as soon as we walk in (we live in the North), we put that playlist on and we are….HOME. Love these playlists, thank you!