Self Love about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

My Hope for 2023

Hey Liz!…

You look tired. It’s okay because you are. The end of the year is always a little too much fun and at the end of last year you sorta said F it and let the exhaustion catch up with you because you were happy. Let’s take more of that into the new year. Less but more, you know?

Less caring about what other people are doing, less concern about whether what you’re wearing or doing or the way you live your life or parent or your choices are approved by someone else. Less insecurity and second-guessing yourself, less self-criticism, less keeping up with everyone else, less trying to control my kids, less on the calendar, less exhaustion, less “I should be doing this.” Less time on the phone, less “capturing the moment” and more living the moment.

We’re going to have more laughs, more spontaneous days, more giving yourself a break, more saying no when you need to and yes when you want to, more in-person conversations, more letting my kids be kids, more travel to see family and friends, more telling the people who matter HOW much they matter, more time spent outside, more carefree moments, more rest. More sharing things that bring you joy rather than what you think people want to see. More vulnerability, more date nights with Dave, more self-care.

I want to learn something new this year. Whether that is an art class or maybe paint or even just self-reflection and discovery. I would really like to read more books. Set more limits on my screen time, share more but in a different way. Listen to more happy music, more dancing, more of the things that make random moments feel really good.

And of course, we never really know what the year will bring to us, but every day is an opportunity to take care of my family, of myself — a chance to bring light and love into my daily life. And I want to share that with you this year. Instead of coming from a place of this is what I “should do,” I want to come from a place of this is what I want to do.

And most of all, I want to remember this post on days that feel hard. I want to stay in this place right here, where all the hopes feel reachable and attainable.

So 2023. I am not going to set any expectations or goals — I’m just going to go into it with hopes for a year that brings more peace, clarity, and joy. It feels like the past couple of years have been filled with lots of transitions and adjustments and I hope the year ahead brings contentment and space.

Liz — your life is pretty perfect, let 2023 be the year you celebrate this beautiful phase that you’re in. Here is to embracing the chaos and having FUN!