Gift Guides about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

Last-Minute Gifts that Don’t Cost a Thing

Today’s post is an extra special one because it is written by one of my favorite people in the world…my mom! My mom had the idea to put together a list of last-minute gifts that don’t cost a thing — just special actions, gestures, and activities that let people know how much you care about them. She also illustrated all of her ideas, as seen above! If you can’t tell, my mom is a pretty amazing person. I’ll let her take it from here…thank you, Mom!

Last-Minute “Giving by Doing” Gift Ideas

Hello! Well…this is what happens when I “hint” to Elizabeth that a “Giving by Doing” Gift Guide might be something that many of us would love to Give and Receive. 

In “Giving by Doing” we let someone know that we have taken the time to truly notice what might bring them Joy and show you care — just by Doing… get creative.

  1. Curate a playlist of songs they love. Songs that have a memory or songs that remind you of them 
  2. Create a recipe book in your own writing — family faves, memory meal faves.
  3. Plant your favorite person a little garden…veggies, a cutting garden, window boxes or front pots.
  4. Offer to cook one dinner a month or a season for someone who could really use a night off.
  5. Craft a “Parents Night” out certificate for a few date nights or weekend getaway. 
  6. How about giving a fishing, golf, tennis or painting lesson?
  7. How fun is a cooking class given by you…fun for all!!
  8. The To-Do lists never end…offer your handy skills.
  9. Furry and not furry friends need care — offer to pet sit.
  10. Craft a party…invites, cake, and festivities!
  11. Get creative!

XOXO Elizabeth’s (Liz’s) Mom <3