Ask Liz about 1 year ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • October 7, 2022

What is one habit you do every day that instantly makes you feel healthier?

Water with lemon every morning!

What is on your travel bucket list?

The Amalfi Coast, Big Sur and Portugal come to mind first! I’d also love to go back to Switzerland and Paris.

Do you have any tips for dealing with big changes? I just started college in a different state and am really struggling!

Oh that’s exciting! But also I can relate, I had a really hard time adjusting to college life. I would say let yourself feel all the feels. Be sad, call your loved ones and give yourself some grace. I also think it helps to create new rituals that bring you comfort. Like let yourself watch your favorite show after class, find a coffee shop you love, sign up for a workout class to meet new people…I think creating a sense of normalcy in a new place is really helpful.

Which of your sons is the most like you?

Probably Jack! But honestly I see so many aspects of their personalities in me and in Dave. It sometimes varies!

Can you link the Dime Beauty eyebrow product you have been using?

I’ve been using this eyebrow enhancing gel everyday! See all my Dime picks here and use code liz20 for 20% off!

Any tips for looking put together when you’re a mom running on empty and just trying to survive?

I would say I always fall back on a good pair of jeans (I just ordered these), stripe tee and cute loafers or sneakers.

Can you link the sunglasses you’ve been wearing lately?

I think you mean these! I have them in this tortoise and this green.

What’s Halloween like for the Adams family?

I’ve honestly never been a big Halloween person but having kids sort of forces you to get into the holidays more. Also our neighborhood goes big! So I would say it is pretty standard as Halloween goes – we dress up, walk around with the kids, order pizza and watch a Halloween movie on actual Halloween. But leading up to the holiday I try to be festive here and there. These are a fun recipe that kids love!

Going to an Adele concert in Vegas for a girls’ weekend in February — what would you wear?!

FUN! I’m so jealous. I would say you can either do a fun top (I just ordered this $30 feather top from Amazon!), faux leather jeans and booties. Or a mini dress like this, this or this and knee high boots (these boots are STUNNING and 40% off)!

How do you feel about your kids getting older? Is it hard for you at all?

Yes! I am so emotional about them getting older. Especially when I look back at moments that always feel like I didn’t savor enough. But every age also brings new joys that are so special. I’m grateful that right now I feel like I have so many special phases to enjoy between the three boys. But time is forever a thief, I just try my best to always enjoy them as they are.

Best way to style knee-high heeled boots? I finally gave in to the trend!

I usually go the route of skinny jeans and an oversized sweater, mini skirt and turtleneck, longer skirt with a cropped sweater or a midi dress.

Any tips for fast hair and makeup? I have a one-year-old and no time.

I usually wet the front of my hair and blow-dry it with my Revlon brush! For makeup I always do a quick swipe of this tinted serum (I wear color 05 + LIZADAMS gets you 15% off), this blush in Beverly Hills, and some mascara.

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