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Coffee with Liz • August 26, 2022

I also have three very young kids and work full-time (no puppy though), and I feel like keeping my house in order — not to even mention actual cleaning — is impossible and I’m drowning. And that causes tension and stress. Toys, dishes, baskets of clean laundry, “kitchen counter papers,” you get the picture. Would love to know your thoughts on this!

Yes yes yes. And honestly it’s a constant struggle for me, too. I think I’ve really had to let go of the idea that my house is going to be clean at all times. We have piles everywhere, there is constantly laundry in baskets that needs to be put away, stuff on our kitchen counters, etc. It is just the phase of life we are in and I can exhaust myself trying to make it perfect at all times or just let it go. Long are the days when we cleaned our house and it stayed that way, I have to remind myself that stuff is constantly coming in from the boys and school and work and it just is what it is. I think you can have all the organizational spaces for the stuff and this still happens. I would say, give yourself a break. It’s okay.

How do you stay motivated to complete at-home workouts? I’m great at the gym but when I do a 45-minute online class at home, I often stop before they are complete.

It’s hard, I’m especially feeling burnout from at home workouts after Covid. I think my apple watch helps with just a general daily goal to do the work but it’s definitely not as exciting as working out at the gym or with a group of people.

What do I wear to an October “semi-formal“ wedding in the Georgia mountains? I want to have all the fall vibes but it will more than likely still be in the high 70’s so can’t go for long sleeves or anything.

I love the colors and details in this Ulla Johnson dress. You can’t go wrong with this classic black beauty. I’ve seen this dress in person and it is STUNNING, pair with platform heels. A total splurge option but I think this dress is gorgeous.

I’m having my third baby in a few weeks. Any tips on welcoming a third?

Cherish it! I feel like with every new baby I am reminded of how fleeting time is. Otherwise I feel like with every addition I became more relaxed with the early days. Be lazy, have movie days, go out to eat (I love the stage when babies just sleep in the carseat!) and celebrate the new addition!

I’m getting married in December and my bridesmaids are wearing black. Thoughts on a cute and subtle earring that’s not going to break the bank?

I would do a really pretty bigger classic stud like these!

Did you do gifts for your parents and/or Dave before or after the wedding? I’m trying to find something that will feel genuine and personal!

Yes! Together we bought my mom a nice clutch, my dad an engraved tie clip and I bought Dave a watch engraved with our wedding day and a little message.

My best friend just had a baby (the first among our friends!) and my friends and I cleaned their house, left gifts for them when they got home, and set up a meal train… but how else can I be there for her without being overbearing?

Oh my gosh that is so kind!! I would say just check in, tell her you’re there if she needs a break or someone to chat with. I had a girlfriend come over and hold Charlie so I could shower, and that small gesture felt like so much. Little things go a long way in the beginning!

So your boys are adorable! I’m also a boy mom! My question is, have they always gotten along? How did they handle the change when a new brother entered the picture? My sons are 25m apart and my older son isn’t really vibing with the little one (3 and 1 years old). I know it’s still early on but I was just curious if you did anything special while you were pregnant or when they were born with the older ones to help with the change/attention. We’re thinking about having another baby so it’s making me think about how my oldest would handle it this time around.

I think it will come with age. Charlie has always been very excited about George but he was 5 when he was born. I have loved that age difference because Charlie has really grown into his role as a big brother. We really didn’t do anything special aside from let them help and be a part of welcoming both Jack and George to the family. Grabbing diapers, feeding, reading books, interacting in general. I think kids go through so many different phases – I remember Charlie went through a huge parallel playing phase where he didn’t have interest in playing with Jack. They will come around!

I’d love ideas on a few fall essentials for school drop-off and working from home. Specifically, a neutral crossbody bag, oversized wool coat, and comfortable, flattering midi dresses. 

Good question! For a crossbody bag, I am loving the shape and size of this Cuyana tote. I love that it could work for day or night and has a crossbody options. It’s so pretty! I am loving Harris Wharf London coats, so classic and timeless. A few midi dresses that are great for daytime are this floral style, this gingham style (would be so cute with a cardigan), this dress looks like a designer style for less, I love this style and I love the color of this dress for fall.

What are the pros/cons of the age groups between your boys? I am thinking of adding a third kid but they would be three years apart versus two.

That is exactly our age gap (Charlie and Jack were 5 and 3 when George was born) and I have zero cons, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Overall, how was your summer of travel? Would you leave town for that long again?

It was amazing! Really the dreamiest summer. But no, I don’t think we would go back for that long again. The only reason we dedicated that much time was because of our renovation and it was hard to live out of a suitcase for that long. I think next year we will probably do closer to 3ish weeks but who knows!

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Settling in! Having our house be finished, getting into a cooking routine, everything we are launching on Olive Lane (omg I’m so excited for fall and holiday), holiday travels, jeans, finding some consistency, fall candles – I’m readyyyy!

Did you ever have to weather daycare illnesses? How did you do it?! Help!

Yes! And honestly we are currently weathering back to school illnesses. I think it’s just part of life! I have to remind myself that it strengthens their immune systems, especially after a couple years of little sickness. I disinfect and clean and wash sheets more probably and it usually passes through the family at some point but it just is what it is.

When will we get to see the progress on your house? Any fun updates?

They are finishing up trim work, we are waiting on some tile that is stuck on a ship somewhere, plumbing and electrical get installed next week and finalizing closet plans right now! Then we will be smooth sailing! I think we are about 10 days out from being (almost) done.

What would you wear to a wedding in the Greek Isles?

Ohh! Something like this gorgeous green dress (the color and silhouette!) or this Reformation dress.

How do you style your hair on a daily basis? Air dry, blow dry, etc? Any products?

Oy I have fallen into the laziest rut with my hair. I usually blow dry just the top/front to smooth my hair and then let the rest air dry. It is so hot and humid here and my thick hair doesn’t respond very well. I need a good styling cream – any recommendations??

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