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How I Use My Apple Watch

*I would say this is a pretty standard day.

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I get asked all the time about my Apple Watch, how I use it, and the settings of my activity rings. I’ve actually done a big post about it that you can read here, although it’s a couple of years old and things have changed a bit. Let me start by saying that I am not super regimented in wearing it lately (I often forget to put it on the charger at night!) but my days are way more active when I do. It is sort of like this reminder to do good for your body, take breaks, breathe — I really love it for that reason. It’s also great to have for notifications like calls or text messages but without feeling like you have to have your phone in your hands at all times. I tend to have this fear that someone will need me and I need to keep my phone close, but the watch gives me the freedom to put my phone away and know I can still be reached!

I love that it syncs with your phone so you can play music, change songs, find your iPhone, set alarms, check your calendar — all from your watch. I don’t have cellular so I do have to have my phone on me when I run if I want to listen to music, this is always a FAQ.

*this was a very active day, Dave was out of town and chasing all the boys around + walks with Bear*

I would say I use my watch for fitness purposes above anything else. It is great for tracking workouts, steps, your heart rate and more. It’s amazing how many steps I take in a day, even if I’m not working out and just being a mom. I always aim to get 10,000 steps in on days when I’m not working out and having the watch on easily tracks that. I love that you can specify what sort of workout you’re doing (outdoor run, HIIT, strength training, swimming, yoga, etc.) and it keeps all of your workouts in the Activity and Health app on your phone. So everything is synced to each other! It’s been great for runs to see what you are pacing, your average mile and you can look back at see progress.

My daily activity goals are MOVE: 750 calories (this is probably too high) and EXERCISE: 30 mins. I will say I only usually close my MOVE ring if I workout and go for some walks throughout the day. But having George and Bear with my usually helps that happen. If I consistently wear my watch everyday, I find that I am more motivated to reach that goal. But somedays I know it’s not going to happen and don’t even wear my watch. Think of your watch as a little buddy, reminding you that you deserve the time and energy to invest in yourself. That’s how I like to look at it!

Do you have an Apple Watch? Are there any tricks I need to know about!

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