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The Best Way to Freshen Up Your Home for Fall

There’s a feeling of crispness in the air, the leaves are *just* starting to turn, and back-to-school season is officially here. This time of year always feels like a fresh start for me (even more so than Jan. 1), and I’m especially ready for it this year. We’re closing out on an amazing summer that was packed with family time, a big trip to the Midwest to see so many of our old friends, and a summer spent settling into our new home in Charleston. It was a summer we will never forget, but there’s something about fall that just makes me excited about a routine and feeling productive — especially with tasks I’ve been wanting to tackle around our home.

You’ve heard me talk about my love for affresh products before, which are life-savers for taking care of all the spots in your home that could use a little extra TLC. From the inside of your washing machine to the chopper of your garbage disposal, there are so many spaces in your house that we definitely don’t think about as much as we should. Using these three Affresh products has been a game changer in not just keeping my appliances clean, but the items that go in them, too!

Three Cleaning Products to Use in Your Home This Season

Washing Machine Cleaner: Dirt and other residue naturally build up in your washing machine over time, and this product is designed to helps remove  all that grime that gets left behind with use. All you have to do is add one tablet to your empty machine, run a normal cleaning cycle, and then you’re left with a washer that looks as good as new (it smells great, too!).

Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets: Is there anything worse than running the dishwasher, only to pull out cloudy cups? These powerhouse tablets descale all your dishes and glassware to leave them sparkling clean — just throw one in the bottom of the dishwasher during a normal cycle. You can even use them to help remove limescale + other buildup in the dishwasher if you run it on empty — I like to do this once a month!

Disposal Cleaner: Okay, so this might be my favorite product of the three because it is so satisfying to use. Do you know how garbage disposals can start to emanate funky smells from time to time? This breaks up all the gunk so you don’t have to worry about what might be trapped down there. It takes less than a minute to freshen up your disposal, but it makes a big difference!

With the boys back in school, I’m taking advantage of the extra time to myself to take on some fall cleaning projects, and affresh products will be my secret weapon for freshening up the spaces that need it most. If you’re also in the mood for a fall refresh, be sure to take advantage of 10% off all Affresh appliance care products, now through September 15th!

What’s on your to-clean list this season?