Family over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

4 Months with Georgie

Our Georgie boy is 4 months old!! I can’t believe how big he is getting, it makes me so sad to look back at these photos. The newborn days are so foggy and some days you wish them away but they are also so sweet and special. He has been such a comfort to me over the past few months. I’ve really leaned into our relationship and the moments of peace and quiet for ourselves. He has been a huge sense of home during all the life changes we’ve made in the past couple months.

Bringing a new baby home is an experience. I remember being terrified to welcome Jack after having Charlie and the changes it would bring to our family dynamic. And it does, there is a shift that everyone has to adjust to. I always struggle with guilt that I can’t be everything for everyone. As a mom you’re so dedicated to the newborn stage that other areas are neglected. A follower told me when I had Jack that he would never get to be an only child like Charlie had for his first two years of life. It was such an eye opening comment that truly made me value the early days with both Jack and George. They will never get me all to themselves! It really makes me cherish my one-on-one time with them as babies.

So that’s what we’ve done! I have been in a George haze. We have been attached at the hip for 4 months. When he doesn’t nap well I hold him, when he seems hungry I feed him and I have made very little efforts to get him on a real schedule because I’ve cherished him so much.

He is the happiest little boy! So smiley and chatty. He loves his brothers and observing the world. Now that he is 4 months old I’m ready for a little more freedom so we are getting this boy on a schedule (he is a great night sleeper but not so great at naps) and adding in some bottles. I’m so proud of every new thing that he does, watching his developments with each month, his chubby cheeks and BRIGHT blue eyes (which is wild – we all have brown eyes!).

Something I’m so grateful for with this space is the diary of our lives over the years. So many memories of watching my babies grow, documenting these life changes and all the emotions that come with it. It is really special and I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of the journey. xoxo