Living over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My Quarantine Playlist + Three Random Things

Hi friends! I’ve gotten so many questions about the music I play on my IG stories and you will most likely find those songs on this quarantine playlist that I’ve been listening to non stop. My taste in music is a little alternative pop, folk and I loooove instrumentals. I’m all about songs that bring the good vibes and these do just that. My kids love so many of these songs, too, which makes my heart happy.

In addition to my quarantine tunes I thought it would be fun to share five random things! Here you go…

I just ordered The Art of Showing Up and I’m so excited to read it!

Part manifesto, part guide, The Art of Showing Up is soul medicine for our modern, tech-mediated age. Rachel Wilkerson Miller charts a course to kinder, more thoughtful, and more fulfilling relationships—and, crucially, she reminds us that “you can’t show up for others if you aren’t showing up for yourself first.” Learn to fearlessly . . . 

  • define your needs, reclaim your time, and commit to self-care
  • ask for backup when times are tough—and take action when others are in crisis
  • meet and care for new friends, and gently end toxic friendships
  • help your people feel more seen (and more OK) overall!

These new Yeti Mug colors make me happy! I want them all. And if you haven’t bought yourself a Yeti mug yet it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I recently ordered a new planner which kind of seems like a silly notion given the fact that we have NOTHING on the calendar. BUT, it made me excited to get organized with mundane things at home and help me have a little bit more of a routine!

I love that these GOLDEN COIL PLANNERS are completely customizable – you can even add an entire page for weekly meal prep/grocery shopping!

Hope you’re having a great week, friends! xoxo

You can follow the playlist on Spotify here!