Family over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

The Best Thing We’ve Done for Webster

Last year, Webster turned 10! For those of you who don’t know Webster, he is our chocolate lab who we’ve had since he was 10 weeks old. Our first baby and the most loyal, relaxed and loving dog in the entire world. I have written an entire post about him here in case you’d like to get caught up! I knew that 10 would be a hard number to swallow. I found myself examining his every move to make sure he wasn’t aging too much, that he felt strong and that his puppy energy was still high. But to be honest, I somewhat prepared for this birthday knowing that our now adult dog (who still looks like a puppy to us!) needed to be in the best health and shape to feel good as he gets older. Early last year we made the switch to The Farmer’s Dog fresh dog food for Webster and have never looked back!

The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food delivery, made with real and fresh ingredients delivered right to your door. Most dog foods are highly processed, and it’s pretty much impossible to tell what’s actually in them, but with The Farmer’s Dog you can actually SEE and SMELL the real food (think lentils, carrots, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and USDA meat). We know that weight plays a huge role in the health of our pets and we want to make sure that Webster stays with us for a long time. Making the choice to invest in his long term health with The Farmer’s Dog has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for Webster plus he LOVES it too!

When you sign up for The Farmer’s Dog you will take a quick personalized quiz that determines a plan for your dog, consisting of three recipes and When you sign up for The Farmer’s Dog you will take a quick personalized quiz that determines a plan for your dog based on their age, weight, breed, any health issues, etc. – For example, Webster is allergic to poultry and at the time needed to lose about 5+ lbs, so they created a personalized plan to meet his needs.. When the box arrives on your doorstep you simply store it in your freezer and thaw in the fridge before feeding. We usually keep 4 packs in our fridge at all times! The Farmer’s Dog even provides instructions for transitioning your dog to fresh food making it really easy on your pet.

It’s been about a year since Webster made the switch to The Farmer’s Dog and we’ve noticed a significant change in his energy and overall health. He has lost about 8lbs which has been essential for his mobility and energy. His poops are firmer and more consistent (dog parents you’ll appreciate!), his coat is shinier and less dry and it has even helped his breath! It’s also been so convenient for us having his food delivered right to our door without even thinking about it. It makes me so happy to see how excited he gets for his food and every time I prepare his breakfast or dinner I feel GOOD about giving him a meal packed with the best ingredients. 

We love The Farmer’s Dog and they are generously offering my readers 60% off your first order so you and your pet can experience the benefits, too! I can’t recommend The Farmer’s Dog enough and am so grateful to see Webster doing so well at 10. Our pets are only with us for a short time so ensuring they have the best years is so important! Thank you to The Farmer’s Dog for making it easy to give Webster the best real and fresh ingredients so he can live a long, healthy life.

A big thank you to The Farmers Dog for partnering on this post!