Ask Liz over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz: Wellness Edition

Do you feel that small changes to your overall health and wellness can add up to big impact over time? If so, what are some of the healthy habits that you feel most impacted your wellness journey?

Yes! I think it’s unrealistic to think that a quick change will create fast results. Consistency is key and finding a routine that works in whatever area of your life is essential. If you incorporate a change that can’t be incorporated to your current lifestyle it most likely won’t stick. I introduced exercise and healthier eating habits after having Jack and it took 1-2 years to see a significant change in my body. Setting a bedtime an hour earlier for more consistent sleep, restrictions on phone time/social media for your mental health, cutting our sugar, eating more whole foods – these are a few things that I see have the biggest impact on my health.

I love hearing how people decompress. What are some of your favorite ways to practice self-care?

Dinner with my girlfriends, a massage, a long walk outdoors, lunch by myself, meditation, putting my phone away, reading a book.

What changes do you make to your routine when trying to conceive? Would you continue taking CBD?

No change! Except the addition of prenatal vitamins. Once I take a positive pregnancy test I’ll most likely stop taking CBD just because there isn’t enough research surrounding the two!

Do you wear the same shoes for running, cardio, and weight-training? If not, what shoes do you typically wear for each?

GREAT QUESTION! Here are my favorites:

Did you notice any specific changes in your body in your mid-late 20s versus early 30s?

Yes! Slower metabolism, alcohol and diet makes me puffy and swollen way more than it used to (dang), more restless sleep, more anxiety – I notice the importance of taking care of myself, putting good things into my body and the affect it has on my overall health.

I’m still struggling in my post-partum skin but don’t know where or how to restart my wellness plan. Any tips?

I think just start somewhere small! Set yourself up for success with smaller goals. One of my first goals was running 6 miles a week (2 miles, 3x a week) which felt very doable. Even if that meant leaving my house for 20-25 minutes for a run. I guess it depends where you want to start – fitness, food, mental health – prioritize what’s important from you and go from there!

How do you resist eating all of your kids’ snacks? Bunny crackers, anyone?

Honestly I don’t have a ton of interest in them! I’d much rather make a snack or meal for myself that is something I’d enjoy. Don’t get me wrong – if I make my kids mac and cheese, PB+J or grilled cheese I’ll usually take a bite but I’m really not a big snacker in between meals! I would stay just as you stock snacks for your kids, stock up on good snacks for you, too!

Would you consider Dave to be your wellness accountability buddy? How did you get him on board?

YES! But I happened very naturally. I think that prioritizing wellness was something I did personally. It was something I knew I should do after having Jack but didn’t realize how much it would affect my daily life. Now working out and eating well (80% of the time) are a natural habit. I think Dave saw my dedication and wanted to do it too! I wouldn’t say we enjoy working out together, we will workout at the same time but not together, but it’s obviously of importance to both of us. Work hard, feel good, you know? It’s something that makes us feel good, feel more confident, feel more focused as parents and beyond. We know that it benefits us personally so we make sure that we have time for it during the day.

If you had to pick just five workout pieces (leggings, sports bras, etc) to wear on a weekly basis, what would they be?

lululemon Energy Bra, lululemon Wunder Train Legging, Nike 270 Sneakers, lululemon Cates Tee, Beyond Yoga Space Dye Crop Tank.

Do you feel guilty on the days that you don’t work out?

Yes. But I always try to be active regardless. If it’s a day that I don’t get a sweaty workout in then I’ll aim to get 10,000 steps in at least. I notice that the days I don’t workout I make more unhealthy habits (more snacking, reaching for dessert). It really does set the tone for my entire day and I mentally feel so much better when I workout! I’m also aware that my body needs a break sometimes, too.

How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? How many glasses of wine?

1 cup of coffee usually (maybe an extra half in the afternoon) and probably 2 glasses of wine but I do try to not drink 2-3x a week…some weeks it is only 1 day off.

What strategies do you have for drinking more water?

Honestly I’m a thirsty person. I feel like I have a condition where I’m constantly thirsty. My mom used to tell me that I never drank juice, growing up I always wanted water. I LOVE water. I crave it all day long so I feel like I just always have a large glass by my side. I love my Hydroflask bottle! It is 32ox and drinking 3 per day is a GREAT goal!

How often would you say you have dessert? Do you set any rules for yourself and/or the boys?

I didn’t eat artificial/white sugar for 6 months and I’ve jumped back on the wagon. I would say I do 3x a week. I try to limit it! The boys don’t usually get dessert unless it is fruit snacks. However they do get more sugar throughout the week like a random donut for breakfast or ice cream cone or cookie with friends. I’m not super controlling about it!

Do you still do intermittent fasting or track your carb cycles? Do you feel that fasting affects your workouts at all?

Yes! Probably 6 days a week. I do not carb cycle or track my macros. I have always liked a fasted workout which is why I exercise early in the day. If for some reason I’m working out at 11am or later, then I’ll have an RX bar beforehand. Every body is different but I do notice a huge difference in my metabolism and my body feels more lean when I do fast.

Besides CBD, what are your tips for dealing with anxiety and stress?

Put the phone away. Have a glass of wine. Deep breaths. Mediation. Time alone.

How do you find the time and motivation to workout? I’m exhausted after work + kids!

I used to feel that way too and now it’s such a part of my daily routine that I look forward to it! It is sometimes the only part of my day where I get to check out, not look at my phone and do something for myself. My situation is a little different because my schedule is more flexible with daycare and working for myself but my kids also LOVE going to the kids club at our gym which is nice. The first thing they ask in the morning is “mom, can I go to the gym?” Ha. Going there is a part of our family routine and we’ve really grown to love it!