Wellness over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Wellness is a Feeling

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Over the past couple weeks I’ve been thinking about the information I provide you on my platforms (this blog, Instagram, etc.). I was gearing up for wellness month and wanted to make sure this month really provided you with information that was NEW, helpful and informative. But I also wanted to approach it from a normal level, reflecting my own knowledge and approach to wellness. I wanted it to be a mindset that you could implement wherever you needed it in your life!

I had met my friend Jackie for lunch, who is a somatic coach and you’ll be hearing from her tomorrow, to catch up and talk about wellness month! Jackie is the kind of friend who listens to you and asks all the questions you didn’t know needed to be asked. We sat down to chat and she asked me “why aren’t you breathing?” I was taken aback and quickly tried to take a deep breath and failed. Two hours later I left feeling lighter and talked through things that I didn’t know were surfaced. Once thing that stood out to me was she asked me what I wanted to provide you with, what my “goal” was. Honestly, I hate when people ask me “what’s your goal?” “will you be doing this forever?” I don’t know! Bloggers are creating products, books are an option, there are so many directions it could go but we decided the most valuable thing I could provide you with is a feeling.

So what does that mean? I feel like over the past 5 years social media has created the idea of this “pretty picture” that doesn’t really exist. It’s up to us to paint our own pretty picture, whatever that may be. Becoming a mom has opened my eyes to what I can and cannot do and what I CAN’T do is keep up with the idea of the “pretty picture.” Life isn’t pretty and we are all trying to do the best that we can every day. When I think about the feeling you get from my platforms, I want that feeling to be real and messy and fun. I want you to have a friend that reminds you that it’s okay if you didn’t shower today or if your house is a mess or if your kids had McDonalds for dinner.

Wellness isn’t a number, your wellbeing isn’t defined by a smile or an organized calendar. When I asked Jackie what she thought about wellness she said a good question to ask people is “is your being well?” It was thought provoking and exactly how wellness should be considered! There isn’t a stat that defines your wellness, wellness is a feeling. I always want the feeling you get here to be a good one. Hello Adams Family isn’t just about us, it’s sooo much about you, too.

So what is a feeling you get here? I’d love to know what HAF means to you!

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  1. I follow a lot of blogs and yours is hands down my favorite. I feel disappointed if there isn’t a new post every day. There is something about your smile and your approach to life that is just so inspiring to me. It’s hard to put a finger on the exact feeling your blog invokes, but it feels a lot like “sunshine.”

  2. Love this and I love you! I love how real you are and you aren’t afraid to be you.

    Keep being you!

  3. I’ve been following for years and rarely comment, but felt the urge to on this one. I love that this is your job yes, however, the real ness of, life’s messy, mcd’s is okay is so life giving. It’s a feeling of just chatting with a friend….of comfort and acceptance and the freedom to say today i just survived even though I wanted to thrive. And that’s okay too. (Maybe this is because I’m in the same phase of life. It’s beautiful and wonderful and some days, hard.)

    So I would say, comfortable….but in the best way possible.

  4. Hey Liz- I am also a mom of 3 littles , all 3 and under and your blog is definitely a place I can turn to for advice and inspiration. I think you are doing an amazing job at being honest and letting women know they are all in this together and you are helping find positive and meaningful solutions. There is real substance here, so please keep it up, thanks, Anne Benton, Atlanta Ga