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5 Healthy Lunch Ideas to Make at Home

Dr. Praegers Veggie Burger bowl

Working from home means that most days my lunches are homemade, quick and *hopefully* on the healthier side. I really let myself enjoy whatever I want – sometimes it’s a salad or turkey sandwich and sometimes it’s peanut butter toast with honey – but I definitely keep specific items stocked in my fridge so that I have options! Here are a few of my favorites:

Lunch Shopping List from Whole Foods

Ok let’s start with products. For the most part my lunches consist of veggies and a protein with some sort of sauce but I also like to keep rice crackers or english muffins on hand in case I want anything to turn into a sandwich. I thought it would be easier to visualize what products I keep stocked and on hand for lunches at home (but could also be dinner items, too). I do the majority of my shopping on a weekly basis in store at Whole Foods but these are a ton of our favorite products!

Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burger Bowl

Start by cooking your veggie burger in a pan. While cooking (according to the instructions on the box) assemble your bowl. This can be anything! I usually do mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots and/or radishes, salsa, goat or feta cheese and some cilantro avocado dressing (I love Organic Girl and Bolthouse). Put the burger on top and enjoy!

Buffalo Chicken Bowl

Shred either rotisserie chicken or cut up deli turkey/chicken and set aside. In a bowl put down mixed greens, chopped celery, carrots, peppers (really any veggie!) blue cheese crumbles, your protein and a scoop of Field + Farmer Buffalo Dip (this seems to be sold out a lot but it’s available at WF if you keep looking! this is a spicy alternative). Top with Bolthouse Ranch and enjoy!

Tapas Lunch Plate

I make this sort of lunch frequently and got the idea from my friend Natalie who has the best recipes! Basically think of it as a plate of all of your favorite flavors! There is no wrong way to assemble and this would be a great thing to put together in a Bento box to do lunch at work or on the go. I’ll usually start with hardboiled eggs with chili seasoning + salt, Mary’s crackers with lemon hummus, salami rolled up with honey mustard, apples, a dollop of nut butter, dried mango or even a small salad. Options are endless!

Crunchy Greens with Fried Egg + Goat Cheese

Sometimes I crave a warm bowl for lunch and when I do I’ll usually sauté some greens in avocado oil until they are really crispy (usually kale and brussels or cruciferous crunch from TJ’s is great, too!). Once done, crack an egg right in the center and let cook. A trick Dave showed me when cooking eggs like this is to take the top to your pan and catch a little water and then poor the water into the pan and put the top on. The steam will cook the egg perfectly! Then you have a delish runny yoke. Top with goat cheese and either hot sauce or I like TJ’s zhoug sauce if I have it! I also love this breakfast bowl recipe!

Peanut Butter “Toast” with Honey and Bananas

I like to keep this rice cakes on hand to make peanut butter “toast” for lunch. I love the crunch and when I’m in the mood for something sweet this hits the spot. I use Nuttzo nut butter (it’s soooo good) + a drizzle of honey, sliced bananas and some chia seeds on top. Eat kind of like an open face sandwich! Usually with a Honeycrisp apple on the side.

Another random thing that I make a lot (when I remember to buy cottage cheese) is a big scoop of cottage cheese, cut up cucumbers and avocado, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes and lemon juice. YUM! You also can’t go wrong with a good old turkey sandwich! I love making them on english muffins.

Hopefully this inspires some of your lunches at home! Don’t forget to tag me on IG (@lizadams) if you make any of my recipes!