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Coffee with Liz • February 14, 2020

I just found out that my husband and I have a little one on the way and am in total health mode. My biggest issue has been stopping CBD (I’ve been OBSESSED with Equilibria!). I’ve found that it really helped my social anxiety and now all those issues are coming back after stopping. Do you know if there is any dependable research about when it is possible to start taking it postpartum and/or of any oils/vitamins that may give a similar calming effect but are okay to take throughout the pregnancy?

First of all, congrats!!! Second of all, I think the biggest issue is that there isn’t ENOUGH research surrounding CBD and pregnancy. BUT, I can’t recommend this natural CALM drink enough. I used throughout both of my pregnancies and it is amazing. Very similar benefits as CBD but on a smaller scale. 

My hubby and I are in the process of buying our first home. Yay! I’m curious about your thoughts on a housewarming parties?

Hm, I guess I don’t really have thoughts on them! I don’t think they are necessary. I think it’s fun to invite your friends over to show them the place once you are settled but I definitely wouldn’t feel pressure to host one! I guess this is personal preference but personally housewarming parties are not something that we did or something we notice other friends doing!

What do you and Dave do to avoid—or get out of—relationship slumps? I’ve been dating my BF for almost three years now and I think we’ve hit a little boring patch—maybe it’s the cold Midwest weather bringing me down, but I’d love some advice on how to keep things fun after you’ve been with someone for a long time and the new, fresh relationship feel wears off. 

Ah yes, this happens! I would say book a hotel, get out of your comfort zone, plan a new date that neither of you have ever experienced, plan a weekend trip, do something that feels EXCITING. I think that this is an inevitable part of every relationship and you just have to get creative and come up with something that feels exciting!

My sister is getting married this summer and wants to do her bachelorette party in Chicago (will likely be in June). She’s a super laid back and chill bride and is not really into the party, typical bachelorette scene. Do you have any suggestions on what to do or where to go to make it fun but not totally outrageous?!

Chicago is one of the best cities for a bachelorette party—there are so many different options for activities and you can make the weekend whatever you want it to be! What about a fun brunch at Hampton Social, Blue Door Farm Stand, or Cindy’s at the Chicago Athletic Association? I would definitely stroll through Green City Market and Lincoln Park on Saturday morning with coffee from Elaine’s Coffee Call (also love the bar on top of the Hotel Lincoln!) and rent Divvy bikes to bike along the Lakefront Path if it’s nice outside. You could go to a comedy show at The Second City or a street festival (Chicago has SO many events going on all summer…check out this calendar!) I also love the idea of taking a cooking class or doing a craft or flower-arranging workshop all together! The Girls’ Weekend Guide to Chicago that we just posted should be helpful for you!

Our friends just had their third baby a nd we’d love to bring them dinner to help out a bit. Do you have any family-friendly recipe recommendations? Either a freezer meal or not, but something that they can easily warm up and eat quickly.

Honestly any recipe in this post could probably be frozen or just stored in the refrigerator for a few days! 

I’m attending the wedding of my boyfriend’s cousin, and it’ll be my first wedding with his family (we’re both 21). It’s in mid-March in Chicago, and I’m looking for something to wear! The two tricks: I’m on a budget—preferably no more than $170—and the family is Catholic, so something a bit more modest is the goal (nothing too short or too tight). Which is probably better, anyways—Chicago stays cold for so long! Any suggestions?

Yay! I love this (I personally like the blue colors)!

Love your blog and you! My husband, myself, and our son (who will be 1 in August) are moving from Philadelphia to the West Loop for one year in July. What must we do during that year to really experience Chicago to the fullest?

Rent bikes and ride along the lake! Visit all of our amazing museums! Lincoln Park Zoo! Green City Market Farmers Market! Go to a summer concert in Grant Park. Do an Architectural Boat Tour on the river. We have more Chicago posts here!

I work in PR and will soon be attending a handful of black-tie events to assist photographers in capturing images from the evening. Since it is for work, I’d like to buy a timeless black dress that can be worn for each event and won’t break the bank. Any recommendations? I figure I can accessorize differently for each event since they are spread out over the year!

I feel like you can’t go wrong with something like this or this!

I’m a new mom currently on maternity leave and I didn’t realize how isolating it can be. Do you have any recommendations for activities to do or places to go to get out of the house with my 9 week old? 

Do you live in Chicago? This is a hard answer without details! I would recommend just walking to a coffee shop, library, music classes, kids play areas – honestly even if your 9 week old stays in the stroller/car seat the entire time, go for yourself! I relied so heavily on these sort of environments for my own sanity – just to chat with another new mom who was maybe experiencing the same thing I was! Your baby is the best date right now so I say bundle them up and take them wherever you want. Even if it means roaming the aisles of Target! OR join our private facebook group and find some friends in your area! So many amazing, supportive women!

What are your favorite handbags that you own? (or have your eye on) 

My Chanel Medium Boy Bag in black caviar leather is my new baby! Also love my Givenchy Small Antigona bag and my Parker Thatch bag.

I’m attending a March wedding in the NorthEast.  I’m looking for cocktail or slightly formal dresses—not black tie.  Maybe something mid-length? I’m petite and similar to your shape. I have a small chest, would rather show legs than arms, but not opposed to something without arms. I assume the weather will be similar to Chicago weather: cold, rainy, maybe snowy with zero chance of spring on the horizon!  Any recommendations?

I love this gorgeous Reformation dress!

We have a few upcoming longer flights with our 16-month-old. Do you have a favorite travel tote that easily packs all the snacks and makes the airplane activities accessible?!

I use and love this Lo & Sons backpack that has a million compartments! Otherwise maybe get a tote savvy for your favorite tote? 

I need help with an outfit for a newborn photo shoot that will take place in my home at the end of March. It will be warming up, but not quite spring yet where I live! Any recommendations for oversized sweaters or long flowy cardigans?

I love this cardigan with a white tee and jeans! 

I saw you recently helped host a progressive dinner party—do you mind explaining how these are organized? Does everyone have a sitter or do kids come? How does the menu planning work?

It’s so much fun! So we do adults only so every couple on our block with kids gets babysitters. These one house hosts appetizers, one house hosts dinner and one house hosts dessert. Once houses are laid out then everyone signs up for a dish – usually appetizers(4-5), salad, dinner sides (4-5), main course (usually the couple hosting dinner cooks the main course), bread + butter, desserts (4-5). You start appetizers at one house from 7-8:30, then dinner is 8:30-10 and then dessert is 10 until whenever! We got home at 12:30am! We have a really fun block.

*you guys I’m so sorry this post is all over the place with links, I’m having some WordPress issues that I hope to get resolved soon but wanted to get this post up for you ASAP! Thanks for your patience! xoxo

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