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My Morning Routine

I get so many questions about what our mornings look like around here so I thought it was time to break it down. Our days are all kind of different for a few reasons. Charlie goes to preschool/daycare Monday-Thursday, Jack goes to daycare Tuesday-Thursday, Tuesday and Thursday I leave to workout with my trainer at 7:30am and on Fridays we have slow mornings! Generally here is what they look like:

I like to naturally/hopefully wake up around 5:30am so I can sneak downstairs for a cup of coffee/emails/catch up on blog posts alone before the boys wake up. Jack usually wakes up around 5:45am but we try not to grab him until 6:15/6:30 and Charlie can wake up anywhere from 5:45 to 6:45, usually it’s on the earlier side of that window. Once the boys are awake we always let them watch a show of some sort and ease into the day. Dave usually gets up between 6:30-7 too so we are all downstairs hanging out!

We usually make breakfast for the boys between 7:15/7:30. Breakfast for the boys can be a few different things. They love waffles with peanut butter, scrambled eggs, cereal with yogurt (this is the brand they love!), peanut butter bananas, applegate turkey sausage, smoothies, and cinnamon toast to name a few! Some mornings I’ll take them to Starbucks so they can get a bagel and watch the trains go by.

By 7:45 we are grabbing clothes for the kids, getting them dressed while they are playing and we are never really in a rush to get them to school but it’s usually between 8:30 and 9 (Charlie’s preschool starts at 9). On the mornings that I workout with my trainer, Dave tackles getting the kids out the door and to school! On Mondays Jack and I will drop off Charlie and then go to the gym, on Wednesdays I’ll drop them both off and then go to the gym and on Friday we let our mornings be slow!

I always get questions about our coffee maker which is a SPLURGE but so so worth it. Dave bought the Miele CM6150 for me for Christmas 2 years ago and it is legitimately the best cup of coffee ever. Worth every penny when you think about how much money you can spend buying your coffee on the go! You can get my Yeti mug here that keeps my coffee warm throughout the morning chaos.

I try to slip in moments to work in the morning as often as I can because for some reason it’s the easiest for me to write in the morning. Before I had kids I always worked my best from 6-10am. It’s been a difficult adjustment because I feel my brain slipping as the day goes on – ha. Anyone else relate?

Working out has become an important part of my morning routine. I usually workout 6 days a week and that means my kids come with me a lot! On Monday and Wednesday I’ll head right to the gym at 8:30/9 after drop-off to do cardio. On Fridays I’ll bring both of the boys with me (they LOVE the kids club!) and sometimes I’ll work for 30 mins after in the cafe just to get caught up. Then the rest of the day is ours! On the weekends we go to the gym around 8:30am (when your kids are awake for 2 hours before this it isn’t that early) followed by soccer on Saturdays and swimming on Sundays for Charlie!

Overall our mornings are early and probably exactly what most houses look like with two toddlers. Just trying to get all of our days started on the right foot! If you have any specific questions leave them in the comments!

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  1. Oh I need coffee pretty much first thing! It’s the way the morning should start and yes I’m very much a morning person too!

  2. I always wish I could sneak down to have a cup of coffee before my toddler daughter wakes but if she hears me awake anytime past 5 AM it’s party time! Here is to moms, toddlers and dads up way before the sun rises! ☕️

  3. Wow. You get up early. Is this an American thing? I have an impression of things kicking off much earlier during my visits to the States. I’m in England and I get up at 7.15ish; my toddler is awake by 7.30 most days. This is usual among my friends. What time do you go to bed in order not to be dying at 5.30?

    1. I think all kids are different. I’m American and my kids wake up at 7 or 730. I think it just depends on the kid! Mine go to sleep at 7:30/8.

    2. I think a lot of Americans do an early bedtime for kiddos. We’ve always been later for our kids (8-8:30) so they wake up around 8 or 8:30! We are not morning people and neither are our children ha!

  4. This is exactly the same time my household is up! One thing we do different is make breakfast to be ready before my toddler gets up. I never thought to delay his breakfast over an hour. That would save me time in the morning. Your kids aren’t hungry when they get up?

  5. I felt a massive change in my mornings as soon as I was working out in the mornings. Its easier to find the time when you force yourself to go I guess. Oh and I’m putting this coffee maker on my list of things to get when we get home from vacay.

    Stephanie | SPV Living