Style over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

My Most Loved Sneakers

Last week I shared some IG stories about my most loved sneakers (still saved on my IG highlights here!) and I thought I would save it here, too! I am constantly asked about my favorite sneakers as my collection keeps growing #thestruggleisreal so I’m breaking down my absolute favorites, sizing details and why. Here we go from left to right!


Veja V-10 Sneakers: I bought these Veja sneakers because I saw Meghan Markle wearing them and she looked so cute! I love that they are a little sportier than my other styles and all of the chic French girls are wearing them so there is that. Be warned, they do take some time to break in. The tongue is extremely stiff and I had to wear bandaids on my ankles for a few wears but eventually the tongue softens and naturally falls to the side a bit. They are super comfortable *now* and one of my favorites! I have this black style and they run true to size (I’m a US 7/EU 37).

Isabel Marant Beth Sneakers: Funny enough these are maybe my most asked about sneakers! It seems that a lot of you are interested in this style but need to know more. Again, I would label these as fashionable/sporty. The velcro is really fun and I love that they make feminine outfits feel a little more laidback. If you’re into designer items then I would say go for it! But if you are just generally looking for a good velcro sneaker, I think you could find something for less like these. The Beth sneakers do run small so I suggest going one size up!

P-448 Snake Sneakers (the ones I’m wearing): If you’ve been considering splurging on a pair of Golden Goose sneakers because you love the look of them then let me recommend P-448s! Extremely similar style (minus the star),  half the price as GG’s, INSANELY comfortable, like you are legit walking on a cloud and the same vibe as GG’s. My only peeve with these is that the toe is a little shorter which you’ll notice if you compare them to the GG’s to the right of them. It’s such a slight notice but they do make my feet feel a little stubby sometimes and most likely only to my picky eyes. But seriously you guys, the most comfortable sneaker ever. True to size.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers: Definitely my most worn! Here’s the thing, Golden Goose are cool. You don’t spend $500+ on a pair of dirty sneakers if you didn’t feel that way when you wear them. Once you buy one pair, you’re going to want more. I feel like they instantly elevate any outfit you’re wearing but in a casual, edgy look. I mean GG’s made dresses and sneakers acceptable in more formal places! The superstars are their basic style and definitely my most reached for. They are comfortable (not as comfy as P-448’s) and fun! Golden Goose run true to size but a little more snug. I wear my true size!

Golden Goose Mid Star Sneakers: These are my new babies and I have alllll of the heart eyes for them! I honestly didn’t think this style would look good on my short legs (I’m 5’4″) but they are super flattering. Again, same comfort as the Superstars, I like how these feel a little cleaner since they are primarily white and I can’t wait to wear them with spring/summer dresses. Also love this style. True to size!

Gola Cheetah Sneakers* not pictured but these sneakers deserve a shout out, my newest pair! So comfortable, cute and sporty, I love the platform and just fun! Seen here. True to size!

Which pair is your favorite? I’m happy to answer any of your questions in the comments!! xoxo