Self Love over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2020

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The other day I listened to an episode from The Skinny Confidential podcast that totally resonated with me. It was about finding your path to happiness, setting yourself up for success, visualizing and accomplishing your goals, connecting your mind and body, listening to others and being present and appreciative of what’s in front of you. I was on the treadmill as I listened to them and I was completely motivated to set myself up for success this year! I think so much of what we do is a mental trust and confidence in ourselves and really focusing on individual, personal goals before trying to tackle BIG goals. I think 2019 was a big year for me personally – letting go of outside pressures, doing things that make me happy and a better mom, being a present and more focused parent for Charlie and Jack. A lot of what they talked about in this episode resonated with me and I want to share a few things I took away from it!

Finding your confidence. Ultimately I think this is a huge part of personal success. It doesn’t have to be confidence in front of others, it is confidence and trust in yourself to do the things you want to do, that make you happy! There are so many things that we do that are toxic. The people we follow on social media, the peers that influence us to make choices we don’t want to make, society pressures to be the perfect mom at all times, internal guilt to make sacrifices for our kids that ultimately make us unhappy – the list goes on. A big flip for me happened after I had Jack and I made specific decisions to be selfish in certain areas of my life. Carving out time to exercise, enrolling my kids in an extra day of daycare and letting myself have a day to myself is something that has allowed more balance in my life, allowed me to be a more present mom and has put less pressure on myself. My internal happiness and sense of balance has brought more confidence in my life. 

Connecting your body and mind to visualize and achieve your goals. This really spoke to me! I know that fitness has become a larger category here over the past year and that’s because it has become such a big part of my life. I started this journey with the hopes of losing some extra baby weight but keeping up with it has been a mental release, a sort of therapy session for me. In the episode they talked about how when you’re exercising you are putting your body into its most efficient and productive state and that setting goals for yourself during a workout is very powerful. Let’s be honest, getting to the gym is a success story in itself and once we are there we feel so good about ourselves! Setting goals during this time and visualizing ourselves accomplishing these goals are sort of a trust pact you have with yourself. When your mind and body are connected in this way it is a clear path to success. I feel like I’ve experienced this first hand without really realizing it! Working out has given me this sort of breath of fresh air, has helped me release the things that aren’t serving me and breathe in all of the things that bring me joy. 

Being present. This sounds simple and like a goal we tell ourselves year after year but I’m going to give you some context around it. In society and in the world we live in right now I feel like we are always striving for what’s in front of us. Like signing up for a half marathon to encourage ourselves to workout, telling ourselves we will do Whole 30 because it’s not that long, giving ourselves 6 months to save $$ for a big purchase or trying to get our kids potty trained by the time they are 2.5 years old. There are so many goals and milestones we set ourselves up to accomplish that sometimes become burdens or overwhelming pressures on our lives. I think it’s important to remember that today is a good day to set a goal and accomplish it. Even if it means folding the load of laundry that you’ve refreshed 6 times or finally picking up the dry cleaning or getting your kid to spell his name. Or maybe you take your dog for a 3 mile walk instead of a 3 mile run. And maybe instead of potty training your son today you sit on the potty with him and read him 5 books before throwing in the towel. Small goals. Small victories. Daily victories! Those are the ones that lead you to the big successes, give you the confidence that you can check things off the list (because of course you can!), that open your eyes to all of the success that lie ahead! I feel this so much now that it feels like I’ve blinked and Charlie is 4. It’s funny to think about the goals I set then and where I thought I would be. Kids are always a reminder to be in the moment even when they feel really hard and discouraging. 

Clearly I am not a motivational speaker but I feel like I’ve seen my life do a 180 from when I first became a mom and I’m now at this point in my life where my eyes are open and life feels really good. We all have different ideas of success and personal goals and I think ultimately the best thing we can do is find what makes us happy and let that guide us through what lies ahead. Internal happiness sets you up for success! A reminder to be selfish sometimes and let yourself make the rules for your own life. With a new decade ahead of us it feels like the perfect time to remind you that you can do it!

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