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The Random Stuff I Buy from Amazon

Shop the post: No. 1 Super Powder Laundry Detergent // No. 2 Glass Straws // No. 3 The Defined Dish Cookbook // No. 4 SmartyPants Kids’ Probiotics // No. 5 Pet Hair Roller // No. 6 Eczema Relief Cream // No. 7 Silicone Sponges // No. 8 Counting Bears Game // No. 9 Resistance Bands // No. 10 Fabric Shaver // No. 11 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner //  No. 12 Natural All-Purpose Cleaner // No. 13 Curious Chef Children’s Knife Set // No. 14 Motivational Water Bottle // No. 15 Hatch Baby Sound Machine + Night Light // No. 16 Kids Table Set // No. 17 Magic Bullet Blender

This is a completely random post about all of the stuff I buy from Amazon that gets the most use in our house! We all know that Amazon Prime is basically life so here are the items you didn’t know you were missing out on. Plus, linking a few favorites not pictured here at the end of the post that you will love!

I usually workout 5x a week which means I have a lot of gross, sweaty laundry. I have been on the HUNT for a natural, clean detergent that actually freshens and deeply cleans dirty clothes. This Molly’s Suds Super Powder is the best that I’ve tried! 

The glass straws that I drink my water out of every day!

If you have a pet, trust me you need this thing! It is AMAZING. Picks up pet hair off of EVERYTHING. The reviews don’t lie. 

Jack has a light case of eczema and this cream is a miracle worker. I use on both boys during the dry winter months. 

I hate sponges and these are the greatest alternative

Jack and Charlie LOVE this counting bears game! Great for counting and learning colors and matching. 

Jake (my trainer!) bought me these resistance bands last Christmas and I never travel without them! They make every workout on the go that much harder. 

If you live in the Midwest or anywhere where sweaters are necessary the majority of the year, then this will bring your sweaters back to life!

Nylon knife set for kids! This is what Charlie used in last night’s Cooking with Liz! I love having Charlie in the kitchen with me and this ensures he can participate without getting hurt. 

My kids sound machine may be my most used app on my phone. I love the Hatch!

We get soooo many questions about this kids table setβ€”I love the modern, sleek style and how it looks in our family room.

I use our magic bullet blender every single morning (even thought we have a Vitamix!). It’s the easiest way to make smoothies for the boys without leftovers. 

I have an Amazon store where you can see all of my favorites broken down into categories! I get so many daily questions about random things that I feature and my hope is that this shop answers your questions. A few more favorites include the best leopard sweater (the quality in amazing), a snap and strain strainer (trust me you NEED THIS) and the best probiotic for your kiddos.

Do you like it when I share my Amazon favorites? I love learning about new must-haves! Share your favorites in the comments!!