Living over 2 years ago by Liz Adams

My Fall To-Do List

October! First of all, how? I can’t wrap my head around how quickly this year has flown by. I already feel like fall is slipping through my fingers and there is so much I want to do before there is snow on the ground. I feel like writing out a fall to do list is kind of cheesy but it definitely keeps me in check when it comes to weekends and deciding what we should do as a family. It’s always easy to go through our routine and spend our days doing what we always do but carving out time for the fun stuff is so important! I printed this out and taped it to our refrigerator so everyone (mainly Dave, ha) knows our plan. 

There is something about cooler nights that make me excited to cook new recipes for my family. Two of our rotating favorites are my skinny chicken pot pie and turkey sausage, spinach and white bean soup but I’m also excited to try this vegetable soup, this fall harvest salad and this creamy pumpkin parmesan pasta! I also really want to host a pot luck brunch with my girlfriends using my nice china in our dining room! Doesn’t that sound fun. I’m determined to use my nice stuff from now and through the holidays! 

I also want to take Charlie AND Jack back to this apple orchard – do you guys remember this post? Oh my gosh little Charlie! It is on the way to my lake house in Wisconsin so that would check a cozy weekend off the list, too. We also want to plan a football tailgate with our friends. Even if it is in our own driveway with a game on the TV because tailgating with the kiddos may no happen, ha. The best way to spend our favorite season is with friends and family – am I right?

It’s October 3rd and I haven’t pulled out any true fall decor for the inside of our house just yet. Now that the boys get excited about the holidays I feel like it’s important for me to highlight Halloween and all of the upcoming festivities! That reminds me, we need to grab their costumes, too.

I created a blank document of my little fall to-do list in case you want to make your own! I love waking up, lighting a candle and planning out the week around a fun activity on the list. It makes the weeks not feel as long when I’m looking forward to something fun with our fam. 

What’s on your fall to do list? It’s funny how much mine has changed since becoming a mom! It’s all about watching their little eyes light up around this time of year.