Travel over 4 years ago by Liz Adams

Our Stay at Montage Palmetto Bluff

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting Montage Palmetto Bluff and it was a DREAM. As you probably saw on Instagram, I was flooding my feed with photos of beautiful homes, delicious food, boat rides, pool days, gorgeous landscapes and so many special moments with my family. Palmetto Bluff is such a special place. We knew we were visiting a gorgeous resort but it is so much more than that! Let me give you a little background…

The village of Palmetto Bluff is centered around the ruins of the original plantation house (which you can see here!). In 2014, the Montage came in and built Montage Palmetto Bluff, with the most beautiful rooms, suites and cottages. It is nestled between Wilson and Moreland Village which are the two little villages within Palmetto Bluff. Staying at the Montage Palmetto Bluff is like any other resort experience we have ever had. It is a community where you can take your golf cart, bikes, anything and enjoy the entire area of Palmetto Bluff. The homes are breathtaking and there are tons of paths to enjoy and explore all of the areas in between each little village centers. When the Montage came in in 2014, they took over managing the entire community of Palmetto Bluff so no matter where you eat or where you stop for groceries, you can use your room number. They make it so easy to relax and enjoy your time in the Lowcountry! It’s truly a luxury experience for every member of the family! 

There are 8 restaurants on Palmetto Bluff to enjoy – Buffalo’s, Cole’s, Fore & Aft, Canoe Club, Octagon Porch, Canteen, River House Lounge and May River Grill. We loved Buffalo’s, a great family spot in Wilson Village with the most delicious Italian food and a seriously amazing brunch. Fore & Aft is right by the Inn pool and is fresh and authentic Mexican fare that is DELICIOUS (and tasty skinny margaritas!). Cole’s is location in Moreland Village and is a really FUN spot for families! It is a BBQ theme menu, casual and an elevated rustic vibe with a great bar and a bowling alley (located just off the restaurant). They also have a huge game room and it’s just a really fun spot! We didn’t get to visit every restaurant but heard amazing things about the food and ambiance at Canoe Club (sounded like a great date night!) and May River Grill is located at the golf club (Dave was dying to go!). The River House is the original Inn at Palmetto Bluff (before the Montage came in) and is located on the prettiest setting in the village with huge fire pits where they do smores every night! It’s such a fun way to end the night after dinner! 

We were extremely fortunate enough to stay in a residence at the Montage Palmetto Bluff which was an amazing treat with two kiddos. The homes are BEAUTIFUL and truly in the center of Palmetto Bluff. From there we were able to explore both villages, there are enormous tree houses – 3 stories and 5 stories high!! that the kids loved. The villages are filled with little shops, you can rent bikes with little buggies to pull your kids. You can rent fishing poles, go kayaking, book boat trips to explore the waterways around Palmetto Bluff, ride horses, golf, enjoy the pool, book a spa day – I mean it is literally a dream. They also have the cutest program for kids called Montage Merits (which I think they do at all of their resorts!). When you arrive, each child receives a badge and there are 12 or so activities or things you need to do around the resort to get a pin to put on your badge. Things like see a dolphin, make a smore, climb the treehouse, catch a fish – Charlie collected 7 pins on our trip and was so so proud of himself! And we were so proud of him! It is such a cute and motivating way to truly get out there and ENJOY everything that Palmetto Bluff has to offer. If you’re the type of family who enjoys a balance of relaxation and activity – I can’t recommend Montage Palmetto Bluff enough!

This was the sunset on our last night at Palmetto Bluff. Dave and I still say that this was the best trip we’ve taken as a family. It was truly such a special few days for us and we are so grateful to Montage Palmetto Bluff for letting us experience their beautiful resort and all that Palmetto Bluff has to offer! Charlie is STILL talking about our trip a few weeks later and is still wearing his little Montage Merits badge with all the fun reminders of everything we did! Also, here is a special video from our trip if you’d like to see (:

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I hope you get to enjoy this beautiful place one day, too. xoxo