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Coffee with Liz • June 28, 2019

I’m also a mom of two little ones and we love watching your stories of Charlie and Jack—they are so silly and cute! I’m curious how you would describe your two boys’ personalities. As my two grow, I can’t believe how different they are and sometimes it’s hard to believe they came from the same place! Would you say Charlie and Jack are really different or pretty similar? It’s so fun to get to know their personalities as they grow up.

Ohh love this question! They are very different! Charlie is fearless, determined, strong-willed, a little entertainer, confident and hot headed. Jack is kind, bashful, serious, emotional, sensitive and sweet. As Jack gets older we are witnessing their bond a little more and it will be interesting to see where their personalities support each other!

My best friend had a new baby at the end of last summer, and I feel like I haven’t done a great job of checking in or hanging out with her. I’m married, but not a mom. Plus I live in the city (Chicago) while she’s out in the burbs now. Do you have advice on how you’ve stayed connected with your non-mom friends and/or city friends?

Oh this is so hard. My friends and I definitely went through a strange transition period where I felt alone and they didn’t know how to help. Now that they are on their way to starting families of their own, they always tell me how sorry they are that they weren’t there in the beginning. You don’t know what you don’t know! It’s nobody’s fault but I would just say make the effort, check in on your strong friends or the one’s that say “everything is going great!” Just make an effort. Carve out time. Bring dinner out to the burbs because it’s probably hard to leave their child and get downtown. This season of life is short and eventually she will be able to make more effort for you, but right now make more of an effort for her.

I am traveling to Scotland in July and the average highs are around 65 degrees. I am purchasing some new items for the trip but unsure of what to bring since it is summer and I want to still dress summery but it won’t be very warm. Any cute recommendations—items or outfit ideas? Thanks!!

I would make sure you have a cute cardigan (I actually just bought this, size down one size!) to throw over tops, dresses, etc. when you need an extra layer. Maybe Madewell’s surplus jacket? I feel like this is a Scotland vibe! Also cute sneakers!

My husband and I are finally going to live together after being stationed apart for a few years! We have a big bathroom in this new house but not a lot of storage space besides like two cabinets under both our sinks. How do you keep your bathroom organized and maximize storage space?

We are lucky that we have a TON of storage space in our bathroom. Do you have a linen closet in the hallway? I would say just store the essentials in the bathroom and find a home for everything else. I don’t have a lot of storage answers. 

As a single, young professional in an entry level job, I find that I’m so focused on beginning my career that I never have time to put into dating. I don’t want to meet someone on an app (just personal preference) but I don’t know where to start! Just going up to men and talking to them is kind of scary. What advice would you have for young women like me looking to find our Dave?

I would say stay open minded, make plans with friends to go out to places where you could meet someone that you would find interesting (like don’t go to a random place that you hate in hopes of meeting someone because that’s what everyone else is doing). Be open to meeting someone through a friend! I met Dave through a friend. Be positive, introduce yourself in the right situation, commit to events – either through work or with friends – and be optimistic about opportunities! I also kind of think the less you look the more you find. 

I am one week postpartum with baby number two and all of these hormones are making my face break out! What are your favorite products to help clear up acne? Any other favorites for postpartum skincare?

I love Tula’s purifying cleanser (I just finished my 4th bottle!) followed by their Acne Treatment gel! This combo is amazing. Tula uses probiotics which are packed with good bacteria to get rid of the bad – their acne products are great. Actually maybe you should get their Acne Clearing Kit! Such a good deal. Use code LIZADAMS for 20% off!!

I am unable to attend a dear friend’s wedding because I just had a baby and her wedding would require me to travel.  I’m heartbroken that I am missing her special day.  Do you have any ideas of something I could send or do to make her day special and let her know I am thinking of her even though I won’t be there in person?

I would order a really nice bottle of champagne to the venue and have the wedding planner or venue planner arrange for them to receive it right after they say “I do!” to share a special glass of champagne alone before greeting guests!

Recently, you posted a photo of jack with a bottle/sippy cup. I am trying to wean my 15-month-old off the bottle before bed and it has been a struggle. Does Jack still use a bottle? What sippy cup/bottle do you use with milk? Any advice would be appreciated!

YES. You guys, I was sooo good with Charlie. Charlie was off the bottle the day he turned ONE. Jack see’s milk in anything but his bottle and he yells. At school he has a sippy cup! I just can’t get myself to throw away his bottles (he is my baby!). BUT, I have already purchased these Nuk bottles because thats what we used with Charlie and I’ll use with Jack once the bottles are officially gone. The soft spout is great for transitioning!

When you started training with your trainer 2x per week, were you weighing yourself weekly or measuring? Do you currently weigh yourself or just go by how your clothes fit? Did your trainer tell you to eat more protein while training to lose more weight? I started weight training and running 3x per week 7 weeks ago (and eating healthy) and the scale is not moving. It’s very frustrating. Just wondering if you weigh more than you have in the past but your clothes are a smaller size. Please tell me that’s a real thing!

I never weigh myself! But I do know that I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight. I was still carrying about 15lbs of baby weight when I started working out with Jake. If you count that then I’ve probably lost about 20 lbs in 16 months (I know that’s a good amount but I mean compared to pre-baby). But I am only down 7-8 lbs from my pre-baby weight. Muscle weighs a lot! My trainer and Faster Way to Fat Loss always says that measurements mean more than the scale! I highly recommend doing this! I guarantee you’ll start seeing inches melting off your body but the scale won’t necessarily change that much. 

I’m in the process of planning my wedding and was wondering if you had any ideas for cute bridesmaid loungewear that wasn’t just the typical floral print robe or monogrammed oversized shirt. The wedding will be in November in Florida so I’m thinking something cozy and I tend to lean more towards neutral colors. Appreciate your help and love your blog!!

Lake Pajamas!! If I did it again I would do them!

Can you recommend a few slip-on sneakers? I need new a new pair and there are just too many to choose from! Some are chunky and not cute, some look like they have no support—help!

I have and love the Vince Blair Sneaker! My other favorites are Rothy’s slip on sneakers – so so comfortable and come in so many cute colors/prints (also machine washable)!

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be traveling with my 8-month-old for her first trip and we are going to Chicago!! Any ideas for things to do with a baby that age in the city? And any tips for flying with a baby (this will be her first flight)? I’m really nervous about the airline damaging her stroller.

Go to the butterfly room at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum and the Lincoln Park Zoo! And with travel, just don’t bank on it being the best day! When my kids were little I would put them in the carrier as soon as we took off and they would fall asleep on me. The airplane is like a big noise machine – she will do great! And remember you can walk the aisles if you need to. Check your stroller and the gate! We’ve traveled with our stroller a ton of times and it has always been fine. Maybe buy a case if you’re really nervous? 

I started a new job (in Wealth Management in the finance industry) and it’s a very professional environment. I’m looking for some new stationary and office supplies (pad-folio, file folders, etc.) but everything I’m seeing is pretty loud and bright. I’m looking for some items that are monogrammed and simple or more polished and professional. Any thoughts? My style is Ralph Lauren meets Kate Spade, haha!

I love Poppin and Mark & Graham has some more personalized options!

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