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Coffee with Liz • April 5, 2019

Hi friends! I’m noticing a lot of repeat questions in Coffee with Liz. Before you submit your questions, please make sure to browse our archives! Especially if you’re looking for outfit suggestions, hostess gift ideas, my favorite maternity pieces, postpartum outfits, family photoshoots or holiday outfits. I think I started this series with the thought if it being a more personal post and it has kind of transformed to a “what outfit should I wear here?” type of post. I don’t want that to be the case! I promise I take those questions and come up with blog post ideas (ie: Easter family outfit ideas or Best Hostess gifts – coming soon!) but I would really like to get Coffee with Liz back to its roots. We have sooo many posts in the archives – the perfect Friday activity when you’re just trying to get to the weekend! Hope you understand! I really want to try to answer questions that allow you to get to know me better or share something I truly think you’ll love! xx

Today’s post is going to be short…

Liz, your skin has been looking amazing lately! What have you been doing different?

THANK YOU! I’ve been so excited to share this with you (full beauty tutorial coming next week!) but two things have been a game changer. One being more regimented with my retinol at night. I got a hydra facial at Images in Hinsdale and asked her what was the best product to combat the signs of aging – she said retinol. I’ve always used one kind of casually but I have been consistently using it now at least 4x a week and I notice a huge difference! Just in the evenness, brightness and tightness of my skin. I’ve been using and loving Sunday Riley’s A+ Retinol Serum – just be careful and really test to see how much your skin can handle. More than 4 days for me makes me skin kind of irritated so start with 2 days and work up!

Secondly, a new foundation has been a game changer! I hate foundation but I’m obsessed with Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I use the color Deauville and it really provides such a light coverage that evens out your skin tone and makes your skin glow (while providing a good amount of coverage!). I’ve been applying it with a brush (I’ll use the white top one from this set) and I’ll get it wet with this facial mist. When I got my makeup done at Bluemercury they recommended applying the foundation this way and it leaves it dewy and glowy! I also use this primer to keep my makeup looking good all day long!

My sister will be graduating high school and going to college this year. She has accomplished so much and I really would like to get her something special like a piece of jewelry. Do you have any suggestions?

I wear my Dana Rebecca Lulu Jack Necklace every single day (I have the 16″ rose gold) and can’t begin to tell you how many compliments I receive! It’s so so beautiful. But maybe wait until early next week because I may have a discount code for you 😉

I have found your journey to fitness to be really inspiring, but with two young kids at home and working full-time, I have really struggled to get myself to workout in the morning. I am always coming up with excuses, even when I sign-up for outside classes that require me to attend. Any tips or suggestions to get my butt consistently out of bed to workout?

Start with small goals! Getting to the gym 1-2x a week! Once you realize how good you actually feel dedicating that time to yourself it is easier to start making it consistent. It takes a lot of effort to get out of bed early in the morning but I love walking away from the gym knowing I kicked my butt for an hour before the day even starts! It takes consistency but it is so so worth it!

We’re due with our second child (waiting to find out the gender) in May and our son will be 20 months old. I remember you openly sharing your thoughts on how you could love someone as much as Charlie. I still have this fear, but know it’s also irrational. What about introducing Charlie to his new-normal once Jack arrived? Any tips for helping my son with the transition?

I wrote a whole post on the transition from one to two kids here! I think actually having your second child makes you realize how easy the transition actually is. I would say Charlie was pretty indifferent with Jack’s arrival but we definitely made sure Dave smothered him with attention when I wasn’t available. I honestly think 20 months is a good age – Charlie was 26 months and still was pretty meh about another child being around. You’ll be so much more relaxed with baby #2 that it’s easy to still give your first baby attention. I promise! We also have Charlie a “gift from Jack” at the hospital – it was a mini doctor’s kit and we had Charlie give Jack his first checkup. It was sweet!

What are your favorite foods that you don’t necessarily eat all the time but you love?! 

Pretzels with cheese, croissants, bagels with peanut butter, cheetos, grilled cheese, cookies and ice cream. Haha! If I could eat a crispy, flakey croissant every morning with my coffee I would! Clearly there is a carb and cheese situation here.

What are your go-to tools for styling your hair? It always look so shiny!

First of all I always try to give it breaks from the heat. I only dry it 1-2x a week. I also usually wash it every day or at least every other. My hair is so thick and gets greasy after a day. My favorite dry shampoo is here! I blow dry my hair with the Dyson. It’s a game changer! I would have NEVER spent that much money on a hair dryer but it used to take me 20 minutes to get my hair completely dry (seriously I have a lion’s mane), now it takes 8-10 mins. After my hair is dry and before I curl I’ll put a little bit of my favorite hair oil (this stuff smells amazing) on my ends to keep them looking healthy. I have the T3 Whirl Trio and I use the 1″ straight barrel on my hair. I curl my hair really tight away from my face, let the curls cool, spray with hairspray (my favorite is on sale!) and then completely brush out with a flat brush. If I need some extra volume (usually on the days that I don’t wash my hair) I’ll add some Volume Blast!

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  1. Liz – you should do a separate weekly/monthly post where you answer outfit questions, I know a lot of readers would like it! 🙂 just an idea. Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the more personal “Coffee with Liz” posts as opposed to outfit suggestions anyways, so I appreciate it! TGIF! <3

  3. I love that you want to make it more personal again!! It‘s such a great way to connect with you ♥️

  4. Love reading these and following you! Thank you for all the time and effort you take to create such great content. For what it is worth, I would have never imagined spending what I spent on my Dyson hair dryer however, I have thick and curly hair and it has cut my time to get ready in the mornings by half (at least!). Also, when I researched the product, it is constantly measuring the heat flow so that it doesn’t burn your hair, hence why with the Dyson hair dryer it can actually reverse current damage 🙂 sharing this for anyone who is on the fence of purchasing.

  5. I’m so glad you said something about this! I absolutely love all your content, both on the blog and on Insta, but I found myself starting to skip over some of the “coffee with liz” posts because I feel like they were dominated by people asking what to wear for very specific situations (a wedding or their first day of work) and people asking for gift suggestions. I am so glad to see this head back in a more personal direction!