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My Kitchen + Cooking Essentials

No. 1 Marble Cookbook Stand // No. 2 Anthropologie Snoozy Mug // No. 3 Knife Block // No. 4 Cheese Board // No. 5 Lazy Susan // No. 6 Miele Coffee Machine // No. 7 Magnolia Hearth Towels // No. 8 Drying Rack // No. 9 Washable Place Mats // No. 10 Stainless Steel Multi-Pot // No. 11 Breville Smart Oven 

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s the heartbeat of the home! When we first started looking at houses and talked about our ideal layout, an open floor plan was definitely high on the list. Well, that size and space weren’t in our budget and our 92-year-old home has a tiny little kitchen smooshed between our dining room and family room. And honestly, I love it! I feel like it is my little sanctuary sometimes. My parents’ house had the same type of kitchen when I was growing up (they’ve since renovated their home) and my mom always said she loved her tiny little kitchen. It was her little safe space and I truly feel that way too. Although my kids LOVE to be in the kitchen with me, I love that they can hang on the couch and I can tuck around the corner for a couple deep breaths and peace (sometimes ;). 

I digress! I think you all are well aware that I love to cook. It’s a creative outlet that helps me wind down at the end of the day. My mom is an amazing cook and my grandmother (my dad’s mom) was a farm woman who woke up at 4:30am and made fresh cinnamon rolls from scratch on the regular. I guess it’s in my blood a little bit but either way, it’s something I truly enjoy. I’m often asked about the products we use or our most loved items in the kitchen so I thought I’d share a few today!

First of all, not featured in this collage, I got so many questions about the peeler I used to peel fresh parmesan in last night’s Cooking with Liz recipe! I found the updated version here but it comes with three blades and is great for vegetables!

Ok second of all, let’s talk about kitchen organization. Our kitchen is SMALL and our cabinets are old and not ideal for all of the crap that we have. Our kids’ cups, plates, bowls—everything—takes up so much space so organization is key! I’ve really tried to Marie Kondo our space but ultimately I need help keeping things in line! Here are a few of my favorite solutions…

The Best Kitchen Organization Products

I use our toaster oven more than our actual oven. It heats up so fast and makes clean up easy. I love that there are so many settings (second day pizza, omgggg this makes it so toasty).

We were in desperate need of some new kitchen knives (dull knives are so annoying) and this block is so sharp. I also love that the knives are white!

My Half Baked Harvest Cookbook sits on this marble stand on our counter and it’s pretty. 

I have an addiction to buying dish towels. Just picked up this neutral pair for spring!

When it comes to the kiddos this drying grass houses all of our bottles, sippy cups, etc. and these placemats (they roll up so easily!) are a MUST for your tables at home or on the go. 

I purchased some pretty new coffee mugs 🙂

This pot is a pretty penny but if you are a pasta family it is a LIFESAVER. Every time we host friends and I use it they are like “wooooowww!” #need

I’m all about kitchen organization and these are my favorite for the fridge!

Oh and if you like wine (haha silly question) then you need this aerator

What are your kitchen must-haves? Any fancy tools that we need?