Ask Liz over 5 years ago by Liz Adams

Coffee with Liz • March 1, 2019

I have a women’s luncheon for my son’s school at the town country club in February. I live in the northeast so want to wear something warm and comfortable but probably more formal than I’d wear on the weekend.  Do you have any ideas for pants, a top, or a blazer I could wear? I’d like to work in my cute black Jimmy Cho booties. I could also wear a knit dress if you have any ideas. Thanks!

I love a good sweater dress with a belt at the waist and some tights/booties. Or some wide leg trousers with a chic plaid blazer paired with a clean white tee!

My daughter just turned one at the end of December and I am really struggling with transitioning to more food and less milk. She has taken to the few ounces of formula I mixed with whole milk fine but when I go to all whole milk I’m so worried she won’t eat enough food during the day. She is such a picky eater! I was just curious what kind of schedule Jack was on—have you stopped the bottle and only done sip cup for milk now? Would love any advice!!

Jack is still on a bottle – eek. Honestly with travel and sickness I just never made the transition. He is GREAT with a sippy cup but loves his milk in the bottle. We have taken away one bottle to make room for more food. I think my best advice would be to do something similar? I think if you’re constantly filling them up on milk then they aren’t hungry for solids. Jack would usually get an 11am bottle when he wakes up from his morning nap but now he gets water and a snack before lunch around 12/12:30. He has milk when he wakes up (never drinks all of it), before his nap and then before his next nap and before bed. So 4 6-8oz bottles of milk a day. We are going to transition him to these sippy cups for his milk (which we used for Charlie!). Hope this helps!

My sister is getting married this summer in South Carolina off the coast on a small island. I am the only bridesmaid and she’s given me full discretion for what I should wear. I don’t think it should be too formal considering the low-country feel and would love to find something I can wear again since I’m not restrained to traditional bridesmaid dresses. Any ideas?? Have so many options is overwhelming!

I think Camilyn Beth makes pretty dresses that are perfect for a southern wedding! I also love something like this (so gorgeous + fun!)

My fiancé and I are taking our engagement photos at the end of March in Chicago, and I’m having a hard time choosing outfits for us—Chicago weather at that time of year is so unpredictable, and I can’t decide if we should do a more casual look, or something a little dressier! I really like soft/neutral colors, and my fiancé couldn’t care less what we wear! Haha. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

More formal photos for engagements are never my favorite. The casual style where you look and feel comfortable always provides for more natural photos because you feel more like yourself – you know? I would probably recommend your favorite pair of jeans, a light sweater, earrings and booties!

I have been following along since your wedding and have loved watching you and your family grow! I recently got married this past April and moved to Los Angeles in the fall. We are planning on moving back to the east coast in two years, buying a house, settling down, and having kids… except I have the MOST anxiety about pregnancy and labor. I love kids and don’t worry as much about raising them but fear being out of control of my body during pregnancy and labor. Did you have any anxieties about that? How did you deal?

Honestly, I didn’t think about that much! Growing a baby is such a surreal experience and you gain such appreciation for your body. I feel like I became more confident and in sync with myself while pregnant. When it came time for labor and delivery it is 100% adrenaline and you just do it. I think you’re so comfortable with yourself and you know that there is a task at hand and you trust your body to carry you through it. It’s pretty magical. I would say have faith that and know that you can do it! 

I’m pregnant with my first baby, a girl, and am due at the end of May. I’m having two baby showers, one that my mom and her friends are throwing for me at the end of February and one that my friends are throwing for me at the end of March. Any outfit suggestions to make this pregnant mama feel fabulous while staying warm and comfortable? 

I know I say this a lot of ASOS has the best maternity pieces! I love this animal print dress with some low heels or this pretty sweater dress with OTK boots and fun earrings

Can you provide some example outfits for job interviews, particularly ones where the old school full-on suit is not appropriate? Still needs to be fancier than jeans, but I am completely stumped on what to wear to an interview that isn’t a boring suit. Thank you!

Topshop wide leg trousers (also love these) and Everlane blouse with pumps. Exact outfit worn here!

My baby boy is turning one soon (where does the time go?!) and we’ve decided to book a professional portrait session to capture this special age. I don’t want him to be super formal, but I do want the photos to be timeless. What kind of outfit would you suggest for him?

I would recommend courduroys or chinos and a cute button down with a sweater (if needed). That is always my go-to with our boys! Ralph Lauren always has cute little sets like this and this

I am getting married in March and am stumped on finding a thoughtful wedding gift for my groom and our parents. Do you have any ideas? 

I bought Dave a watch and nice watch box. For the parents, I always thought a great gift was a night away – booking them a room at a nice hotel nearby or treating them to dinner? A thank you for all of their hard work and dedication to the wedding process! Experiences are always way better than things in my opinion.

I am going to Paris at the end of March and have been trying to find a cute coat/jacket to take. It will probably still be pretty cold so I want something that will keep me warm but is also cute (and will look good in photos!!). Any suggestions?

So many color options available in this classic style! I love this check coat – looks very Parisian. Also love this white button coat! So fresh for the season!

I remember that you baptized Charlie when he was a little older. We’re finally getting around to baptizing my son (whoops!) and I’m having the hardest time finding little baptismal outfits for him in sizes larger than 12 months! Where did you get Charlie’s outfit? Thanks so much!

Charlie wore this Flornce Eiseman set! They have 12, 18 and 24 month sizes available!

We moved away from Chicago almost 3 years ago and are coming back to visit in March.  We want to visit a few of our old favorites but also try a couple of new places that we have missed out on since we left.  Coffee shops, dessert, bakeries, restaurants, or casual watering holes.  We will have our 1-year-old with us. Any recommendations?

I wish I were more in the know about what’s new in the city but I am not very cool. I would recommend High Five Ramen in the West Loop (and just venture around the West Loop – it’s so fun!), we also love Parlor Pizza and Little Goat (brunch) which is great for kids. Bakeries/coffee/lunch – Blue Door Farm Stand in Lincoln Park, La Colombe Coffee, Do-Rite Donuts, Beatrix and Left Coast are some other favorites.

Any vacuum recommendations for pet hair?  We have one carpeted room and lots of rugs and hardwood throughout the rest. Do not want a roomba—feel like we need something more heavy duty!

We have a Dyson Animal Vacuum and love it! Although I do feel like it isn’t the best for nice carpets (it has SERIOUS suction). I’ve heard so many people recommend the Shark TruePet Vaccuum – Amazon reviews don’t lie!

What is your favorite bra to wear everyday?

I wear this Natori bra every single day. I have it in 4 colors and it gives you support but looks natural and isn’t overly padded. I would highly recommend getting sized by a professional. Turns out I was wearing the wrong size for yearssss and having a bra that fits well is ESSENTIAL.

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