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Our Favorite Room in Our House

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The most loved room in our house is this cozy little family room off of our kitchen. It was an addition to the original house and it is cold and drafty and we love it. My goals of decorating it come and go as life with two young boys doesn’t allow for the family room of my dreams. Instead, we rely on functional and comfortable pieces (like these ones from Nordstrom!) to bring this room to life. That’s what makes a house a home, right? Rooms just like this.

I’m not very good with interiors. I know what I like but it is hard to picture everything together. Since having more space after living in the city for ten years, we find ourselves investing in nicer pieces but over time so decorating this space has been a process. It’s where we drink our coffee, eat popcorn and watch movies, get work done, read books, build forts and make a mess. I recently picked up a few new pieces from Nordstrom’s home collection to bring some more cozy into this special space and I found so many cute things!!! I don’t usually shop at Nordstrom for home stuff but now I’m ready for a spring refresh for my whole house. 

Does anyone else’s husband HATE throw pillows? Haha it’s comical really. Dave is really picky about the type of pillow that is going to support his neck during a good couch nap (eye roll). We used to have 5 pillows on this couch and they were annoying so when I found this oversized style I was so excited. You guys these are the softest, most comfortable pillows ever. I love them so much. I also couldn’t resist this pretty tray as a catchall on our coffee table. I’m also on my second LES candle and it is such a pretty, subtle fragrance. I want to try more of their scents! 

Who else is constantly on the hunt for cute storage for toys and other random stuff? These pom pom baskets come in a set of three different sizes and they are so fun. The kids each have one and they carry them around cleaning up their messes. We use the little one to store diaper changing essentials downstairs so we’re not constantly running upstairs. Win!

Our old record player got hit by a ball (#toddlerlife) and was never the same so I had been searching for a new one because we use it allll the time. I love this new white one, it’s so pretty sitting on our built-ins and makes for many a dance party before dinner. 

My Favorite Home Products from Nordstrom

Sometimes the littlest additions make such a big difference in a small space. Next up, we need a new couch! Any brands you’re loving?

A big thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!