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Coffee with Liz • January 25, 2019

We just bought our first home and now need to start decorating it! Do you have any go-to paint colors? I love the blue in your living room and have been looking for something similar.

The blue in our living room is Brittany Blue by Benjamin Moore! It was in the house when we moved in and I love it too. The white in our house is Benjamin Moore Regal White and we also have Benjamin Moore Stonington Grey in our bedroom and kitchen. I’ve also heard amazing things about BM White Dove and Grey Owl. 

I’ve seen you get questions about how you told Dave you were pregnant, but I couldn’t find anything about how you told both sets of parents (sorry if you’ve addressed this already!). We recently found out we’re pregnant (due in September!) and are trying to think of cute ways to tell our families. How did you tell your parents and Dave’s parents? Also, I know you understand the September baby timeline… any tips for beating the summer heat while 7-8 months pregnant and already uncomfortable?

Sadly we were so excited that we just blurted it out! Excited and tearful phone calls after we confirmed the pregnancy at the doctors office. I’ve seen so many cute ideas on the news! Maybe try Pinterest?

Dresses will be your best friend during the summer months! I love this, this and this! This post may be helpful too – 5 Stylish Maternity Brands You’ll Actually Love!

My daughter’s first birthday is coming up next month and I’m trying to find a cute, appropriate, outfit to wear. The party is at a kid-friendly museum and I’d like to wear something that’s comfortable to chase after her in, but also good for photos we will have forever.

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans and a pretty blouse with flats! I wore some combination of this for Charlie’s first birthday! I also love an effortless look of a stripe tee, overalls and sneakers. If you feel like you should be dressier I love this jumpsuit with loafers!

Do you have a travel bag for your Nuna car seat and do you travel with the base?

We do usually tavel with the base only because it is so much more convenient to have it with us! Plus we usually just check the carseats and the weight doesn’t bother us through the airport. We have this car seat bag for both boys car seats!

What bassinet worked best for Charlie and Jack? Or did they sleep in the crib from start? I used the Rock n Play with my first and he developed a flat spot. I will be having my second soon and wanted to try something different.

We had Charlie in the Rock N’ Play before moving him into his room around 6 weeks. Jack was in the SNOO – you can read my full SNOO review here!

My grandma’s 90th birthday is right around the corner and I’m at a loss for what to wear to the party. It will be at a country club, in the late afternoon/early evening, and February in KC is similar to Chicago… it will still be cold! Do you have any suggestions?!

I would recommend a jumpsuit with heels and a cute faux fur coat!

My boyfriend has a full-time job and is working on growing a new business he started. I’m really proud of all he has accomplished, but I find I get frustrated when his work interferes with our social plans or when he is working on his laptop/phone a lot in the evenings (usually our time together). I know you and Dave run your own businesses. How do you manage to dedicate quality time to each other without work interfering?

Hm, it is really really hard and definitely a huge shift in schedules. I think it is different for us because we are both growing businesses and we are aware of the constant hours and distractions. It totally sucks but the beginning is cut throat – if he is really passionate about it I would just encourage you to be as supportive as possible. I remember when Dave started his business I felt like I was second fiddle to his business partner but he stood by me when I started mine so I knew it was important to be as supportive as possible. Maybe social plans change but just try to make adjustments – maybe cook dinner for him instead (flaunt a glass of wine in his face 😉 or discuss how you can schedule date nights/nights out with friends into the equation? I think communication is so key and prioritizing certain nights. Although we are kind of always on our phones, we also know our boundaries. Again, the beginning is so important – if you love them and they are chasing a dream then I would try to put frustrating aside (when you can!) and be his biggest cheerleader.

My family and I are heading to Turks & Caicos in a few weeks and I can’t wait! We have a 10-month-old and a two-year-old. Do you have any recommendations for must do/ see? Thank you!!

Honestly all of the beaches are stunning. We primarily stayed on the beaches because our kiddos were so young and nap time kind of runs the show. You MUST go to Da Conch Shack (most beautiful beach and live music!), Coco Bistro or Coco Van (their more casual street food!) for dinner, 

I’m in the market for a new pair of good quality sunglasses this year, and wondering if you had to pick one pair, what would your favorite be?

My all time favorites are this Ray Ban pair and these Celine’s

Do you have any date night top recommendations that are appropriate for a mom who is not quite yet back to her pre-baby weight? We like to listen to live music, go dancing, and dinner.  I don’t want to show a ton of cleavage or skin, but I want to feel sexy.

I love this, this, this, this and this!

I need help! I am looking for new mother gifts for a baby boy. I tried navigating through your website and only came up with the Boppy teething ring scarf. I was going to get something from Roberta Roller Rabbit (something with monkeys) but decided to check your blog first. Any help would be great!

What about something special for her? An initial necklace or pretty monogrammed cosmetic bag? If you want something for baby then I love Monica & Andy products – they have the sweetest newborn bundles and printed blankets!

My husband’s birthday is coming up and I already got him tickets to a show he has been dying to see. BUT, it is a few days before his actual birthday so I want to get him something else small he can open on his actual day. Any great husband gift ideas that might be good?

We are OBSESSED with our AirPods! Dave fought them forever and now he is obsessed. They are amazing. 

Wondering do you have any experience or thoughts on Botox or discussions you have had with other women about it?!? Never really gave much thought or notice to wrinkles or my skin however the past year it hit me like no other. Age, life and kid chaos has done a number and I feel like my skin is changing so much. I swear living in IL weather doesn’t help either. I follow a few other bloggers who have had botox done but loving your skincare posts/content and thought I would ask.

I personally haven’t done Botox but I am not against it at all! I really try to be as preventative as possible when it comes to my skincare routine and fighting wrinkles. The dry air is brutal in Chicago so my biggest recommendation is MOISTURE. When it’s really bad I’ll use almond oil or Jahoba oil is great for skin. I would also recommend a retinol cream and this one is a new favorite. I try to apply this every single night! Ultimately, moisture and promoting collagen production is so so important. 

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