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Our Trip to Fairmont Mayakoba

Oh my gosh take me backkkk! Looking at these photos makes me emotional because this was seriously one of the best trips we have ever taken as a family. I can’t believe I haven’t shared the details of our trip to Fairmont Mayakoba yet but I’m so excited to tell you about it today!

When Fairmont Mayakoba asked us to visit the week of Halloween I was so excited but also a little sad to be missing the holiday at home. Charlie was so into it this year but a warm weather vacay ultimately sounded much better than trick-or-treating at home. We gladly said YES! and were told that a few other families would be joining us. We couldn’t wait to explore this beautiful property (after hearing so many amazing things) with some new friends. The trip was planned to be very family focused but we had no idea just how special Fairmont Mayakoba would be for families. I’ve never had a better experience at a resort with our kids. The attention to detail, attentiveness, delicious food, endless activities for the kiddos, beautiful dinners, perfect accommodations —everything was above and beyond every expectation.

The resort itself is stunning. It is nestled amongst the forests and lagoons with beautiful canals running through the casitas and suites. The white sand beach is an absolute dream and every detail is accounted for. When we arrived we were excited to be greeted by Liz, Monica and Carrie—with family and kiddos in tow! We were so looking forward to relaxing and enjoying every detail of Fairmont Mayakoba! Our days were filled with equal amounts of downtime, foo, and activities. We laid by the pool, which is perfectly accommodating for kids with a huge water slide (but they also have an adults-only infinity pool, too), hung out at the beach, enjoyed the most delicious meals at their many restaurants, and walked around the resort. Dave and I were able to sneak away for a couples massage (NOTE: the spa is UNREAL), exercise at their BEAUTIFUL gym, and enjoy margaritas on our personal porch looking over the canals. 

Because we were visiting over Halloween and Los Dias de Los Muertos the resort went above and beyond to make our trip enjoyable for our kids. The trip was 95% devoted to them which was why I think we enjoyed it so much as a family. The Fairmont Mayakoba Kids Club was incredible. The team there treated every single child as if they had known them their entire lives. We trusted them immediately and they made every child feel welcome, calling them by their first name, checking in with us even when the kids weren’t in the Club and just making us feel like family from the day we arrived. On Halloween, the kids trick-or-treated around the entire resort (each restaurant, the spa, coffee shop, reception, etc.) and all day, every day was filled with fun activities for our kids to attend (each event was optional). Charlie was in heaven with the “big kids” and it was so much fun to watch him experience this place on his own!

Ok you guys, the food. Oh my goshhhh the food. The restaurants at the Fairmont Mayakoba are out of this world. Not only are they decorated so authentically beautiful (every detail of the resort is stunning) but the food is fresh and delicious. Every single morning they have an out-of-this-world breakfast buffet. Seriously Dave and I each had 3 breakfasts a day because the spread was so good. We could honestly eat Mexican food for every meal so we were practically in heaven.

Best of all, we walked away from this weekend with new friends. We already said that we would love to celebrate Halloween at Fairmont Mayakoba every single year! Trick-or-treating on Halloween, a screening of Coco on the lawn with box dinner/wine on Los Dias de Los Muertos. The entire week was so special and I can’t thank the Fairmont Mayakoba team enough for hosting us! Charlie misses his new friends so much—he seriously asks about everyone’s kids every day—haha. You can tell by the smiles on our faces that we truly enjoyed every moment of this trip and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity. Fairmont Mayakoba, we will be back!! xoxo

If you’re looking for the perfect family vacation with your kiddos, I can’t recommend Fairmont Mayakoba enough. Everything you need to experience the perfect vacation!

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  1. The photos are amazing & I’m so glad you all had an amazing time! I think we might need to make a holiday there one day, all the way from Australia it just looks that incredible!

  2. Can you link your outfits from this trip? I’m leaving for a 10 day vacay over the holidays and I needs some inspiration 🙂

  3. I always look at this hotel when looking for a Caribbean trip and my hubby and I ultimately rule it out because it seems like the jungle/canal rooms look like they’re a pain to get to and from the beach. And we typically can’t afford the beach front rooms. What are your thoughts? Is the golf cart thing annoying or NBD at all?

  4. The property looks beautiful! Would you recommend this equally as a place to go without kids?? (I.e. on my honeymoon this summer!)

  5. We’re going in January with our two kids 4 and 1.5. Your post gave no information at all. What were the rooms like? Did your kids share a room with you or have their own? What restaurants were best for the kids? What tips do you have on getting around in the golf carts? Did you leave your kids in the amazing kids club while you “snuck away” for a massage? Who watched them? Such a disappointing post for families actually looking to travel here.

  6. My daughter, Becca Hardner (you met her at your holiday party!) and I did a mother/daughter trip with her roommate and mom during her sophomore year of college to the Fairmont Mayakoba. We loved it! Such a beautiful property and plenty to do for for adults as well as kids. Loved reading your post! Brought back nice memories.

  7. Sounds amazing! I have been looking at it and Andaz. Would you reco Fairmont for teens? Is there a family pool that doesn’t have a kid slide? No offense…teens are t into slides. 😉