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Coffee with Liz • March 30, 2018

Weekly blogger Q&A series with Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes.

Thanks for all of the great questions this week, friends! I hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

I love flats and have most colors covered, but find myself without a basic black pair.  I’m happy to pay for good quality (in the hopes that they will last several seasons), but the top end of my budget is around $250. 

A few options I’m loving here, here and here but if you want to splurge on a pair under $300 then these are my all time favorite (I bought two pairs in Paris when I was there 5 years ago and they are so comfortable and beautiful). 

Going to a friends wedding in Mexico in July! They aren’t having a proper reception, and after the ceremony (which is separate) they’ll invite friends to the beach and a big dinner. I have NO idea what to wear and need all the help I can get!

I would probably wear a dreamy maxi! I love this, this, this and this!

I am having the worst time finding a one-piece bathing suit. I have a long torso and I need lots of support and coverage up top. Most one pieces are either long torso or DD cup, but never both. Do you know of any brands that might work? Or could you recommend some cute tankinis that would give me coverage and support without looking frumpy?

Unfortunately I don’t know a ton of brands that offer both (especially because I have sad tiny pancake boobs) but I have heard amazing things about Seafolly and Albion Fit (you can even search by long torso or busty)! A few of my top choices here, here, here and here

Wanted to submit a quick question for the wonderful Coffee with Liz series! My fiancé is turning 30 at the end of April and I want to get him a really special and personalized gift? Any suggestions? He loves golf, film, music and the outdoors. 

Mark & Graham is one of my favorite places for personalized gifts! This leather weekender bag is so handsome or this golf shoe bag would make a great gift idea! Their men’s section is filled with fun ideas!

I loved following along when you and Dave got married! I just got engaged, and I’m starting to look for bridal party dresses…I’m wondering what style or color of bridesmaid dresses you would choose/gravitate towards if you were getting married now. 

Such a fun question! I honestly loved the color we used (it was called rhubarb) but I feel like my preference changes a lot depending on the time of year of the wedding. In the Fall I gravitate towards burnt rose/emerald green colors, in the Winter I love neutrals like a pretty ivory or grey and in Spring/Summer I love softer tones like blush and dusty blues. I think if I had to do it again I would do something neutral like a soft grey with lots of pretty flowers!

I am hosting a baby shower in August for one of my closest friends (her first child!) and she and her husband are waiting to find out the sex of the baby. Do you have any suggestions or inspirations for throwing a gender neutral baby shower? 

I think when planning these things I would stick to a less is more theme. More neutral colors with hints of light blue AND pink? Our showers were all very neutral table settings with pretty blue, white and pink floral arrangements. So simple and elegant! That way you don’t have to totally steer clear of those colors – instead incorporate both! Maybe Pinterest will be of help? Also maybe have something where guests have to pick what gender the baby is? I went to one recently where the drink stirrers were boy or girl and you had to pick which one you thought it was to go in your drink! A cute little detail. 

I have a black tie wedding coming up in early April and was able to snag a great long, fitted, black BHLDN dress on sale from Anthropologie. However, I’m having trouble finding shoes to match! My date is my height so I don’t want to wear a heel and tower over him. Any ideas on what kind of flat is still fancy enough for the occasion? Thank you!

These are pretty low heels! I also love these embellished slides, these pearly sandals, these wedge slides are gorgeous or these scalloped heels

I’m a first-time mom with a 9-month old boy. I’m so excited for his first Chicago summer but want to make sure he’s getting good protection from those summer rays. What do you use for sunblock/sun protection for Charlie and what will you be using for Jack?

I always used Baby Bum and ThinkBaby! Jack is technically not allowed to wear sunscreen until 6 months so he is usually always in the shade or wearing a rash guard and hat. But when he is ready to use sunscreen I’ll stick to the same products because I’ve never had an issue! We also use Aveeno here and there!

I have a black tie optional wedding in mid-April. Fortunately, I already have my dress (re-wearing a sleeveless beige colored dress that has a black floral sequins overlay). My challenge is what kind of coat/jacket do I wear over my dress? Should the coat be nearly as long as my dress? Only go to my waist? Wear a cape? Wear no jacket and hope it’s not chilly out?! 

I would say wear no jacket. I usually try to just suck it up for those circumstances and bring a pashmina!

My daughter is being baptized in June (in Boston for weather reference) and I was wondering if you had any spring dress suggestions that were both pretty and church appropriate?

I love this shirtdress, this floral wrap dress, this gorgeous eyelet flutter dress, this cute gingham dress and another pretty floral dress!

I’m wondering what you did for exercise in late pregnancy? I have been active throughout my second pregnancy – but at 33 weeks, am officially starting to slow down! Any recommendations?

Download AAPTIV! It was my favorite workout app while I was pregnant (before and after too!). It is basically a personal trainer in your ear and they have an entire Maternity Program that breaks down your workouts for every week of your pregnancy. I did a lot of the elliptical, treadmill and strength training workouts I my last trimester. Use code LIZSS for 30% off the yearly subscription! It is honestly totally worth it.

What books do you recommend that are uplifting and/or good motivational mom books?!

I wish I could say I know a lot about books but I don’t. I never find the time to read! Once it is time to get into bed I’m asleep in 3 minutes. I always turn to my friend Grace for suggestions. She recommends this, this and this

I went from working in fashion PR to a job in commercial real estate and started my blog as a way to express my love for fashion, home decor and lifestyle. I’ve been blogging for about 8 months and I get so frustrated that I can’t work on it all day while I’m at my day job. Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about making the jump from working in the corporate world to blogging full-time? What is the most difficult part? Is there anything you recommend doing before going full time?

This question is tough because the blogging world has totally changed since I started. Instagram wasn’t even a thing! When I quit my job to chase this dream I really had no idea what direction it would take but I knew I was passionate about what I shared with my readers/followers. If you had asked me then if I thought it could be a business I probably would have said “I hope!” Fast forward 7 years and influencers are used by all sorts of industries to communicate with new audiences, introduce new products, etc. 

I think there is a common misconception about blogging. I think because we work from home, work with cool brands, go on paid work trips, take photos wearing pretty clothes, go to NYFW – the list goes on – people think that this job is sometimes an easy way out from working (considering those aspects, I probably would too!). That we have it really easy! I will forever be grateful for this job that I have worked really hard to create, that let’s me be home with my babies while working, let’s me work with brands that I’ve idolized for years and gives me a lot of freedom. BUT, it is a lot of hard work. I always tell Dave I have two modes: work mode and mom mode. I don’t shut off. I never have a break. Dave is also an entrepreneur and is still investing in his own company which means there is a lot of pressure to work hard on Sequins & Stripes to support my family. There is no job security. I do my own accounting, pay for my family’s health insurance and I overload my schedule to make sure that I can support my family. Everything is for them. Everyday I work hard to create a brand and represent my brand so that companies and people want to work with me! My mind is constantly focused on representing myself and my family in a way where brands see the benefit of being represented by myself and/or the Adams family! It is all consuming. A serious downside to this industry.

My recommendation is to consider all of the details. Think of the security you have in the corporate world and if you’re capable of supporting yourself without any initial income (insurance, bills, taxes). Meet with a small business advisor. Make a business plan and set realistic goals! The first thing I did was create an LLC that way everything that comes in and out goes through my business. Two of my friends have written amazing posts about blogging: Grace’s blogging tips here and Jess’ post about making a living as a full-time blogger here

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  1. Wow! You’re an amazing mom and business-woman. I know you’re super proud of what you built, and you should be! I love the community you’ve created and all of the real content you share. Wishing you and your family nothing but the absolute best!! xx

  2. I think is is my favorite coffee with Liz post yet! It’s nice to see a variety of posts. Maybe you should go back to personal shopper with all these questions related to “what should I wear for —.” I have been following you for the entire 7 years of this website, which is pretty crazy to think about! I don’t remember how I found the blog but I found it after the second or third post. thanks for staying authentic

  3. For the girl seeking advice on black ballet flats on a budget – I am a huge fan of Sam Edelman’s Felicia flats – priced at around $100 (but you may find them on sale), comfortable to wear all day long traveling or at work, and they come in so many colors, designs, and fabrics. I’ve had my flats for about 2 years and they are still looking great!

  4. Hi! Would love to get your suggestions in the next coffee with Liz about places to have celebratory meals in Chicago! We’re getting married at city hall and are trying to find a great place for 8 of us to cheers!