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The Best Lattes in Chicago

Sawada Coffee Best Lattes in Chicago

After nearly four years of living in Chicago and countless coffee dates, it’s safe to say today’s topic is a well-researched one. Is there anything better than catching up with a friend over a pretty cup of espresso? We might just have to organize a meet-up at a cute coffee shop for the new Sequins & Stripes Facebook group… Whether I’m looking to get some work done or I just want a treat, these are the five lattes (and locations) I most frequently seek out in Chicago: 

For a classic latte: Dollop Coffee Co. 
Dollop has a few different storefronts, each of them equal parts cheerful and inviting. They serve Metropolis coffee and homemade pastries, plus my go-to weekday latte. I also love their honey cinnamon latte, which consists of steamed milk and espresso served over a little drizzle of honey and a dash of cinnamon—it’s so good with soy! 

Dollop Coffee Co. Best Lattes in Chicago Sequins & Stripes

For a little flavor: Heritage General Store
I know I already talked about Heritage in my Lincoln Park neighborhood guide, but there’s a reason I keep coming back here. The space is cozy and charming, and it’s perfectly situated for picking up a drink to go for a walk around Lincoln Park. The lavender latte is classic, but don’t miss seasonal syrups like spiced vanilla, peppermint and hazelnut. 

For an insta-worthy latte: Sawada Coffee 
You’ve probably seen Sawada’s now-famous military latte on social media, which is an artistic combination of matcha, slightly sweet vanilla syrup, cocoa powder and a shot of espresso. I went in thinking that could be an overwhelming combination, but instead found the latte to be smooth, not too sweet, and definitely photo-worthy. (But would you expect anything less from West Loop?) 

Military Latte Sawada Coffee Best Lattes in Chicago Sequins & Stripes

For an iced latte: Dark Matter Coffee
A couple of my closest friends live in Ukranian Village, and a walk around their neighborhood usually means a stop at Dark Matter’s Star Lounge coffee bar. Dark Matter is one of those places where coffee is a way of life, so you can trust that their iced latte will be one of the best. And I know this isn’t *technically* a latte, but the Dark Matter iced Mayan Mocha is still one of the most delicious things I’ve had in Chicago. 

C.C. Ferns Best Lattes in Chicago Sequins & Stripes

For a chai latte: C.C. Ferns
Between the vintage vibes and the gorgeous coffee drinks, C.C. is one of those places that makes you want to bring a newspaper, take a seat on the couch, and stay a while. At least that’s what it seems like all the hip people in there are doing—no shame in just stopping by for a chai latte or an old-fashioned from Doughnut Vault. 

Any other Chicago lattes I should add to the list? I hope you’re reading this while sipping on a latte of your own somewhere—happy Saturday! 



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