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Hi friends! Happy Friday! Today’s post is filled with some fun Spring outfit inspo. It makes me want to ditch the rainy, cold weather we are having in Chicago and head to the beach. A few more weeks for us! I’m sharing some recent buys on my insta stories today and shared a bunch of the items I bought in this post, too. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

I’m in the middle of making my registry for my wedding. What were your must haves? Or what do you use the most often? I know it’s traditional to register for nice china and crystal glasses, but it’s hard thinking it’ll sit in the box for years until we get a little older!

We actually did not register for any china/crystal! I would highly recommend a nice set of pots/pans, knives, a dutch oven, baking sheets, everyday dinnerware, good water glasses, a fancy coffee maker,  flatware, a nice vacuum and we registered for luggage! These are all items we use daily! 

I am heading to a bachelorette party in New Orleans next month, and starting my search for fun things to wear! I feel like a bachelorette weekend I can wear things a little more out of my comfort zone, but don’t even know where to start! Do you have any recommendations for where to search or cute tops/dresses? 

Revolve is always my go-to when I want to feel a little sexy/party ready! Maybe it is because their models are always a little sassy – ha. This gingham dress would be a cute daytime dress for brunch and walking around and this dress could be dressed down with sandals or sneakers or dressed up with cute wedges. And HOW CUTE is this off the shoulder dress? This knotted sweater is cute with white jean shorts. I love this gingham top, too! If I were really feeling myself I’d probably wear something like this or this.

Do you plan on having a third child?

Yes, I think so. Dave is from a family of two and feels pretty good with being done after Jack. BUT, there is something so perfect about two. Part of me feels like I need the chaos of three 🙂 I feel like three divides competition, too. We need a tie breaker!

Can you share ideas/recommendations for nursing friendly casual clothes for summer? I’ve been through the past two summers nursing but didn’t love my wardrobe. I want to look and feel great while still being able to nurse easily in public in the heat. 

I also rely on button down shirts (like this or this) or even a cute shirtdress. I also love this wrap dress and a henley tee to wear with jeans shorts

I am a bridesmaid in a black tie optional wedding in the Caribbean. The bride is letting us choose a dress but it must be white midi or long. I am striking out – any suggestions?? 

This one shoulder dress is chic and gorgeous. I love how simple and sleek this maxi dress looks. I wish I had a reason to wear this lace midi dress! A lot of these dresses are dreamy!

I plan on getting family pictures done this spring and was wondering if you had any dress ideas. I don’t want to wear anything over-powering but I want to love it and feel like I could use it again as well. I keep thinking maybe a maxi dress with short sleeves? Any ideas are welcome!

I just bought this Free People dress in two colors and it is GORGEOUS(I bought it in black and blue). I also love the colors in this dress.  Both would look cute with a denim jacket!

I’m going to a wedding in Savannah next month – the actual wedding is Friday night, but they are also having an all day, outside celebration on Saturday too.  I’m sort of stressing out on what to wear to this event on Saturday – I don’t want to go too fancy! 

I’m assuming the weather will be nice so I’d suggest a cute day time dress (like this, this, this or this) with espadrilles or pretty sandals and a cute straw bag! How cute is this little short set? If you want to splurge, I’m in love with this jumpsuit

I’ve got a 4 month old baby and very large dog so getting out the door can be a bit frantic. Any advice on a good pair of slip on sneakers that are comfy for longer walks and ideally can be worn without socks?

They are pricey but I swear the Vince Blair sneakers (more colors here) are so so comfortable. 

I’m wondering if you have any ideas for bachelorette gifts? I have a few parties coming up and am not sure about going the lingerie route for the girls we’ll be celebrating.

I love this Mrs. necklace or this cute Eberjey sleep romper. This heart PJ set is sweet! These are my favorite champagne glasses or this Future Mrs headband is fun!

We are expecting our first (a little boy!) in June. I would love to hear where Charlie and Jack slept when you first got home from the hospital?

Charlie slept in the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play in our room for 8 weeks and Jack slept in the SNOO for 12 weeks. We are just now transitioning Jack to his crib!

I’m wondering how to make new friends in Chicago at this age. I go to a workout class frequently but haven’t met anyone and also volunteer on a weekly basis. Any other suggestions??

I just started a Facebook group for Sequins & Stripes readers!! That would be a great place to meet new friends! Join us 🙂

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  1. for the New Orleans bach party, closed toed comfy shoes! you will likely be doing a lot of walking and the French quarter ground is nasty so I recommend closed toed shoes!

  2. Re: registering, my husband and I found it helpful to start a list of wants/needs while we were sitting at home so we could think without the shiny things in the stores as a distraction haha. Then I did some “pre-shopping” online to get a sense of what all the big stores had before we went in to see things in person. This was helpful to keep from getting overwhelmed and it also kept us focused on the things we actually needed and could reasonably store in our little Boston apartment.

    Re: slip on shoes, I’m IN LOVE with my leather Vans (mine are the black perforated leather which gives you a similar look as the Vince). They took a little time to break in in the heel, but now that the leather is softened up, I love them so much.

  3. I do NOT mean this as a criticism, I am actually pregnant with my first and already totally overwhelmed by all the judgement out there…but my mom has been a NICU nurse for about 40 years and would be so disappointed in me if I didn’t mention that infants should NEVER be sleeping overnight in the Rock ‘N Play, or any other soft or inclined surface for that matter. Anything other than a flat firm surface increases the risk of SIDS according to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) safe sleep guidelines. Again no judgement, I figure we are all in this together and I’m sure you would never knowingly promote anything unsafe!