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Weekly blogger Q&A series with Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes.

Hi friends, hope you had a great week! I’m trying to play catch up on all of your questions because I’m a bit behind. I promise I’ll get to them!

I am pregnant with my first and heading to Florida at the end of the month. I’ll be about 30 weeks…any recommendations for where to look for bathing suits/cover ups?

Ugh, finding a swimsuit while pregnant was a very difficult task! I found that this one-piece style from Target and this gingham one piece from J.Crew fit my growing bump the best! Anything with ruching on the side mean’t extra room for the belly. This style is pretty, too! Otherwise, I sort of stuck with bikini’s and would buy a more full coverage bottom. Honestly, I felt way more confident in a bikini while pregnant than I normally do! You just kind of have to rock it 🙂

What spring trends are you looking forward to this year? I’m looking for a few new and fun pieces to add to my closet! I wear mostly casual basics but try to add a little variety each season. I’m in Texas so spring is right around the corner!

I am so ready for Spring style! In terms of trends, I feel like spring speaks to me in two different trends: Americana/nautical and soft/feminine. A couple of my favorite outfits from the past include this, this and this! You still need some layers but it is nice to just lighten everything up a bit. Here are some items that I think would make a great investment: Club Monaco trench coat, a chic blazer (also love this and this) to throw over a basic tee, my go-to off the shoulder top (seen here) now comes in stripes, a cute top to dress up denim, I love the feminine blouses in Rebecca Taylor’s La Vie collection. a pretty cashmere sweater to throw on with jeans and your favorite sneakers, a pretty new handbag and a classic pair of ballet flats

How do you handle your kids sleep schedules if you are out and about all day?

With Charlie I was kind of crazy about his sleep schedule. We always had short windows of time to get out or meet friends for lunch. He was never a good napper anywhere but his crib (unless we have a long drive and he can nap in the car) so it always felt necessary to be home for his sleep schedule. Our schedule still revolves around Charlie which means we are home for his nap at 1pm and for bedtime by 8pm at the latest. It’s funny because I actually just talked to our pediatrician about Jack’s schedule and told her that I was having a difficult time planning naps, etc. She mentioned that she isn’t big on routines because then your kids expect to be fed and sleep at a very specific time (primarily when they get a little older) and if that doesn’t happen, they get upset. I am someone who thrives on routine and I think they are definitely GOOD for kids, but at the same time, I think you learn to let it go as your kids get older and in turn it makes me feel not as crazy about it with baby #2. For example, it would be amazing if Charlie could fall asleep in a stroller or on an airplane, even if it was just a cat nap to catch up on sleep. But if he isn’t in his crib, all hell breaks loose. In that sense I think we have kind of screwed ourselves. I can already tell that Jack is going to be a more go-with-the-flow child. So long story short, I think you just have to push your kids a little bit and remember that they will always eat and eventually always catch up on sleep!

When you and the family went to Charleston, I couldn’t help but notice that you had Webster with you as well.  Could you share how you flew with him?

My dad drove our dogs down! I would be too terrified to have Webster travel on a commercial flight. 

Looking for a cool large tote to substitute for my diaper bag – not really into monogrammed things like Goyard or LV and looking for something a little more upscale than Madewell/Cuyana.

I think I have mentioned this before but I love the Elisabetta Slouch Handbag from Mark & Graham. It is so classic, the leather is beautiful and I love that there is no branding. I also have and love my Annabel Ingall tote. The leather is so soft and the slouchy shape is effortless and cool. 

In the near future, I will be starting my own business. Although my business will be in the financial industry, I was wondering what advice you could give about networking and building a successful, cohesive business/brand. 

So I think the biggest advice I can give you is that being authentic and consistent is the best way to earn the trust of your followers/readers or in your case, clients. Also, providing your clients something that they can’t get somewhere else. I don’t know if I necessarily do this every day, but I think that I’ve created a friendship with my readers that even if it means my content or social shares mean a break from their day to have a chat with a friend – then I’ve done my job. So I think finding what you think is a void in your industry and trying to fill it is my best advice! Also, aim to build up other women in your industry doing the same thing. It can only help!

Did you know you wanted to marry Dave before moving in with him?

I think we both knew that marriage was inevitable! We had been together for three years when we moved in together and then got engaged almost a year later. We got married when we were 28 so I think we were both ready!

Over the past few years I’ve treated myself to a few investment pieces (mostly expensive purses) but I always find myself being too scared to use them because I don’t want to hurt them, haha!! How do you get over the fear and enjoy using them?

No fear! When you spend that kind of money, you have to show them off! I say just go with it. I especially love pairing mine with super basic outfits. Just go for it girlfriend!

Do you have any recommendations for what foods/snacks to have around the house for when I start contractions, and what to take to the hospital? They mention hard candies and that they’ll provide ice cubes etc., but wondering if we should be thinking of anything else.

I have always heard that you should eat a meal once contractions start (because you really don’t eat until the baby is born once you’re in the hospital) but I’ve always been too distracted to eat something significant. I guess I would recommend grabbing anything you want! I also loved having the ginger chews that they sell at Trader Joe’s.

How long did it take you to fully lose the baby weight and feel good/back to normal after your had Charlie?

I gained 24 lbs when I was pregnant with Charlie and lost that weight within 6 weeks. BUT my body was totally shot. All of my muscle had turned to fat so although the weight came off, you couldn’t tell because everything was soft. It took me a full year to get my act together and actually dedicate my time to working out which is when I hired a personal trainer. That is when I really lost the weight and got back in shape (6 months later). If I had been really proactive I probably would have seen results way sooner. I was so focused on finding a routine, getting back into work and taking time for myself that I didn’t realize exercise needed to be a better priority. 

I have a friend’s baby shower in March in Ohio. What would you recommend to wear? Still cold-ish, pale legs…but want to look springy! Any ideas?

How about a sweet midi dress, denim jacket and heels? This maxi dress is really pretty. I also love the idea of this cute jumpsuit!

I’m 7 weeks pregnant with our second baby and I’m experiencing the absolute worst all day everyday morning sickness and tiredness.  Any tips? 

Ugh, I’m sorry! Unfortunately I think you just have to stick it out until 11-13 weeks. When I was feeling really sick, my doctor told me to try and eat every 2 hours. Even if I felt sick! This did help a lot, whether it was a few bites of toast or a bowl of cereal – you just kind of have to power through. Also, regular coke saved me. Just do it! 

I am going to NYC in a 2 weeks for a Bachelorette Party. I am currently pregnant with our first child and will be 18 weeks on the trip. I am struggling with outfit ideas that are fun and festive but obviously appropriate since I am pregnant. I know it will probably be cold since it is February in NYC, but any ideas are appreciated!

My go-to winter outfit (especially while preggo – although I assume you’re not showing too much yet!) is skinny jeans, my favorite off the shoulder top, booties and fun earrings. I also love this cozy sweater dress (seen here) with boots!

I’m expecting a baby boy and was hoping you would share the other names you considered naming Jack.

We also loved William (Will), Brooks, Andrew and Henry!

I’m looking for suggestions for a gift for a girls first birthday who also happens to be my goddaughter?

People always ask me for girl gift suggestions and it’s so hard for me to answer since I’m a mom of boys! I will say that The Tot is one of my favorite shops for gifts that feel special. Charlie loves his teepee and this is adorable! I’ve heard amazing things about this playdough. Also, true story, when I was pregnant with Charlie I bought these heart pajamas in the chance that we had a baby girl. They are so cute!

I’m getting married next month and we are honeymooning in Italy – Rome and Venice! It’s going to be relatively cool while we’re there (mid-60’s) and I want to look cute, but struggling to find outfits that are functional/packable yet still adorable all at the same time.

When it comes to packing for a trip I alway like to pack with a color palette in mind so I can easily mix and match pieces. More often than not my color palette us usually neutrals (white, beige, grey, black) and blues. I would say pack two pairs of jeans (skinny and straight), a sweater dress, a midi skirt and a pretty blouse (that would also work with jeans) for dinners, a silk shirt for day or night, some good sweaters, definitely a cute cardigan, a button down shirt (also love this one), basic tees and a pair of flats, booties (these are super cute and these are a dreamy splurge!) and sneakers.

We’re due with our first baby early next month, and I have no idea what to pack in my hospital bag. Have you written a post on this before? What did you pack differently the second time around?

I touched on my hospital bag in this post and this post!


My sister is getting married in Palm Springs at the Parker hotel in April! She isn’t having any bridesmaids but she would like the women in our immediate family to wear a blush or champagne colored dress (cocktail attire). Have you seen any dresses lately that might work for this event? 

I love this ruffle party dress, this pretty wrap maxi dress, this off the shoulder dress is very glam!, and if you wanted to splurge then this dress is a DREAM. 

My first friend to have a baby shower is having one in a few weeks. I already know what I’m getting for them/the baby, but can you think of anything sweet, thoughtful, and pregnancy-safe to get the mama? Preferably under $50!

A friend gave me this beauty set while I was pregnant and I love it! I also think these custom name necklaces and spelling out “mama” would be so pretty. 

Thanks for all of the great questions this week!! Don’t forget to submit your questions via email with the subject “coffee with Liz” xoxo