Our Home over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

What We’re Buying for Our Home

Liz Adams of Sequins & Stripes shares what she is buying for her new home in the suburbs of Chicago.

No. 1 Oversized Round Mirror // No. 2 Paola Sconce // No. 3 Brass Mounted Light // No. 4 Letter Board // No. 5 Stripe Vase // No. 6 Tufted Pillow // No. 7 Gingham Rug // No. 8 Bamboo Basket // No. 9 Split-Leaf Tree // No. 10 Caitlin Sofa // No. 11 Marble Side Table 

We have officially been in our house for 6 months! After Jack was born and now that the holidays are behind us, I’m finally focused on finishing up our house. We are about to get started on our kitchen project and I’m super excited to finish up the rest of the rooms in our house. We have the majority of our larger pieces – couches from Interior Define, headboard from Joss & Main – and now I’m focused on the details.

Our bedroom is currently painted a soft green with matching drapes. Our plan is to paint it grey and I ordered this fabric for our new drapes. We have this dresser in our room with brass lamps and this mirror (the small size). 

Jack’s room is about done! I’ll be sharing photos and sources next week!

Our entry way is tiny but needs a little life. I just ordered this gingham rug and we are replacing the light fixture with this star flush mount that I’ve been lusting after. 

I have so many ideas for our kitchen but mostly we will be sticking to a clean/neutral color palette. I really want to find a fun tile for the floor and have been pinning a bunch of inspiration here. I’m also loving these sconces for over our kitchen windows!

We are looking for a chair to go with our Interior Define Sloane couch in our family room. We also have this rug, this tv stand and this coffee table

In our living room, I am torn between dressing it up and keeping it more comfortable/casual. We currently have two leather chairs flanking our fireplace across from our velvet Interior Define Caitlin sofa. I’d personally love some nicer chairs (something like this) but then I watch Charlie destroy everything and I think the leather chairs should stay. 

We will see! With our kitchen update and new bathroom install, I’m excited to have some fun with tile and wallpaper. It’s so much fun to decorate but also daunting. I have a hard time conceptualizing the final product when there are so many details to decide on separately. Does that make sense? So I’m kind of just going with what I like and hoping it works! 

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  1. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together! We’re also new homeowners with a young family so I’m especially interested in hearing how you decide which pieces to invest in and which pieces to skip for now given kids and dogs.

  2. Love your choices. Can you talk about how you are budgeting for all the costs involved with all of this? Are you working within a specific budget? Did it take you a while to save up for it? Would be really helpful as we are planning s kitchen remodel soon but I canโ€™t decide if I should continue to save or just do it.

  3. Makes total sense! I get overwhelmed by individual decisions without having a sense of the big picture. Most rooms in our house are 2/3 done and Iโ€™m hankering to finish up several things this year, too!

    Just posted my own update about 1 year in our house ๐Ÿ™‚ http://bubblydesignco.com

  4. I love this! Your house is going to look wonderful.
    My only suggestion is buying a real houseplant instead of a faux plant. I’m not sure if you linked it just for inspo or for purchasing. There are just so many amazing health benefits of a real houseplant! They can purify the air you breathe (especially when you are stuck indoors all winter) which will keep you healthy and reduce stress. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love your picks!!! We pretty much have the same couch except mine is Room & Board… it’s so good, grey goes with everything and doesn’t show stains!

    And I need that plant. I keep trying to buy real plants and kill them ALL!

  6. That couch is beautiful but is not long enough to lay on if you plan to lounge – plus high arms are not the most comfortable – just something to consider about investing

  7. Very cute things you’ve picked out! Just wondered if you have any great home design bloggers you follow for inspiration? We moved in our house 4 1/2 years ago and have been slowly but steadily remodeling and redecorating everything (it’s definitely been a little nuts as we have two very active little boys – they were just 3 yrs and 9 weeks when we moved in – but we’ve continued to press on and are finally getting towards the end and are planning a complete kitchen remodel for this summer, wahoo!!) Anyway, I follow lots of design bloggers on Instagram but am always looking for more inspiration and ideas. If you follow anyone you love, I’d love to know so I can check them out. Thanks, and good luck with your upcoming projects – can’t wait to see how things turn out!

  8. Oh I love the concept for your bedroom design! Custom drapes in that black and white floral CW fabric will be divine!! Brass rods? Iโ€™m sure your mom is helping you fabricate them but if you need an installer I highly recommend Town And Country Drapery. I had them install a clientโ€™s drapes and hardware in Hinsdale and they were SO CAREFUL AND PRECISE!! And it was all done for a flat fee, not hourly like a contractor charges. xoxo