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Coffee with Liz

Hi friends! I’m back with a new Coffee with Liz post! This one is kind of short and sweet because I got a ton of duplicate questions and a few that were more timely that I missed because of holiday content/Jack’s arrival. Can you believe Christmas is a week from today?! I need to get my elf on over here and wrap some presents. I hope you’re enjoying everything festive and cheery and merry. XOXO

PS: You can find my mug here

Can you recommend any cute moto-style boots (are they still “in”?) or a cute, short, casual flat boot for winter months when I’m too lazy for booties with a heel, it’s too cold for flats, but won’t be trudging through snow? Just looking for something to throw on with jeans and a sweater that’s casual but still stylish.

Yes! My favorite kind of boots 🙂 I have had my Frye Engineer Boots for 6 years and still wear them all the time! I love the moto style and they are super comfortable. 

I am looking for a jewelry stand big enough for lots of bracelets, but small enough to sit on my dresser (not a huge one that is on the floor). I need mine to be gold. Any ideas?

I love this tiered jewelry stand because it fits all kinds of jewelry and this lucite and gold t-stand for bracelets. 

I’m traveling to Mexico with my husband’s family for the holidays. On Christmas we have a special dinner planned. I’m struggling finding that perfect outfit for Christmas in a tropical climate. I’m from the Midwest where it’s always cold and snowy on Christmas. Any suggestions?

What about this gorgeous bow jumpsuit with some festive earrings? I also love this simple polka dot dress with some fun heels!

I am attending a New Years’ Eve wedding this year in Minneapolis (aka brrr) and I want to find a super fun, New Years’ Eve-esque dress – something with sparkles or velvet.  I’ve seen some things online that I have my eye on, but I just love everything you pick out.  Do you have any suggestions for dresses?  Ideally under $200.

I think this dress is gorgeous, I love the long sleeves and color! This velvet dress comes in 4 colors. I love this velvet maxi dress (currently 25% off, so chic and sexy!) paired with some sparkly earrings. You could make a statement in a chic jumpsuit

I received a lot of questions about holiday outfits for date night and I love this J.Crew sequin top paired with jeans (cute for a casual NYE!). I’m gravitating towards more tailored looks like this velvet blazer paired with trousers and a silk tank or a slip dress and sexy heels

Where do you get your workout clothes from? Some brands are better than others! Any recommendations? Are you loyal to one brand or do you shop around?

I love Zella from Nordstrom, everything from Outdoor Voices and sports bras and Align leggings from Lululemon.

I’m due with my first baby in early March, and I’ve been thinking about a small gift I could get my mom who will be staying with us for a few weeks when the baby comes. Do you have any suggestions for gifts for new grandparents – for Christmas or when the baby arrives? 

I love the idea of either a letter necklace with your new baby’s initial or a dreamy cashmere robe (you could even have “grandmother” needlepointed onto it! So cute. Shutterfly also has some fun custom photo mug options. I love a good coffee cup 🙂

I’m due in early May with my second (a boy) and my son will be 18 months when he arrives. Have you thought about switching Charlie out of his crib? Everyone tells me not to buy another crib but 18 months seems SO young to be moved to a toddler or twin bed. I’m leaning towards buying another crib but I just wanted to see if you received any advice on the subject or how you came to the decision to keep him in a crib.

We ended up buying another crib. Charlie hasn’t tried to climb out of his crib yet (and we kind of want to keep him in there as long as possible!) and Dave and I agreed that moving him wasn’t necessary. His current crib transitions into a toddler bed so we decided that either way we would keep him in his own crib once we transition. We personally didn’t want to force a lot of change with the new baby arriving and it hasn’t even phased him!

I’m a new first time mom to a sweet baby boy as well! I am struggling with breastfeeding and was wondering if you could recommend or post about nursing clothes (tanks, bras) and essentials that you recommend. I’m having so much trouble feeling put together when I have to feed every few hours and am leaking.

It’s a struggle! My favorite nursing bras are from Cosabella – they are comfortable and supportive! My favorite tanks are these Gilligan & O’Malley tanks from Target. Most days you’ll find me in a button down or a cardigan sweater. I also stocked up on these henley’s which are easy to unbutton. Always thinking about easy access! And don’t forget about these 🙂

My boyfriend and I have been together a long time (4.5 years), we will likely be moving in together within the next year or so. How did you and Dave start having this conversation? What was the transition to living with him like?

Dave and I moved in together after 3 years of dating and got engaged almost exactly a year later. I think the conversation was that if we were going to move in together, then there were going to be high expectations of a future. We both knew that it was most likely inevitable and didn’t see any reason for things to change. I remember the day we moved in together, after unpacking for a few hours we walked down the street to get Chipotle to grab lunch. We brought it home and both sat on opposite ends of the apartment probably both thinking “wtf have we done?” I told my friends that moving in together was by far a  harder transition than marriage. After two weeks it was like we had been roommates forever. 

What is the best date you and Dave have ever gone on? What is the most romantic thing he has done for you?

Ohhh good question! The best date we have ever been on? I think our best dates are actually short trips we take together. When we are able to dedicate a few days to just us. We come back so recharged and refocused on our relationship and at this stage in life that feels really important. The most romantic thing he has done for me? Probably surprising me with my sapphire ring on our wedding day. Or even planning our engagement the way that he did. He knows exactly how to get in my head and surpass every expectation. A difficult task as I am usually overly controlling and aware of every situation. 

How has your style evolved over the years? How would you describe your style now? Where do you see it going in the future?

This is something I always seem to analyze year after year. What is my style? I can’t really define it because I feel like I dabble in a lot of different things. Ultimately I think my style is pretty classic. I love a good feminine dress. I am drawn to color but usually play it safe with neutrals. I love to get dressed up. I invest in items I know will be hero’s in my closet for years to come and I tend to stay away from too many trends. Overall I would say it is feminine, classic, comfortable, sometimes edgy and safe. I hope to streamline this more in 2018. 

What are your favorite shades of red lipstick and how do you get them to stay in place? 

My favorite shades are MAC lipstick in Brave Red for a more matte/dramatic look and YSL Lipstick in Orange Perfecto for a softer red. I’ve heard that lip liner is a great way to keep your lipstick in place but I haven’t played around with it enough. YSL lipsticks are so moisturizing and not super pigmented so I feel like they stay in place well!

This series will be back in full force after the new year so be sure to submit your questions by emailing me with “Coffee with Liz” in the subject.