Charlie over 6 years ago by Liz Adams

Charlie’s Favorite Things

It’s funny to think about the things Charlie finds fun these days compared to a few months ago. Dave and I were just discussing how over the past 2 months he has grown up so much. Chatting more, playing independently, having conversations with himself, exploring and really learning from anything and everything. It’s made us think about what he actually enjoys and rethink the types of toys we have available for him.

For example, when Charlie started daycare I picked out this adorable little backpack for him to use. He takes it EVERYWHERE. When we get ready for “school” he fills it with 2 pouches, a stuffed animal puppy that we call Webster and his water cup then he turns his back to me to put his backpack over his shoulders. He is so proud of himself as he walks out the door and I can’t help but feel proud of the little dude he is becoming. 

One of Charlie’s favorite things to do is be a part of meal prep. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner he always wants to be involved so I knew that he would love a little kitchen of his own. Our family room is pretty small so I wanted something that could easily fit in with our decor and not take up too much space. This Hape kitchen (only $100) is perfect and comes with the cutest accessories. Every morning I say “eggs please!” and Charlie responds “eggs peeeas,” and then whips up a batch of pretend eggs for me. I love that you can buy little accessories for it like this home-cooked meal, this lunch set and this chef’s cooking set

The Tot is one of my new obsessions when it comes to all things baby. They have the cutest brands that you can’t find everywhere else. I’ve already purchased a few Milkbarn jammies and the cutest bath robe for baby boy #2. It is hard to not get lost in their site because it is so well curated. 

In collaboration with The Tot