Family over 7 years ago by Liz Adams

Surprise! Baby #2 Due This Fall

We’ve been keeping a secret! Baby #2 is due this fall!

We were actually surprised when we found out we were pregnant. We were going to start trying in the next few months but weren’t prepared for it to happen so soon. I just want to say, we feel so blessed that we get the opportunity to grow our family. I have so many friends (both internet and IRL) who struggle to conceive naturally and I pray that in someway, someday they get to experience motherhood. It’s worth the battle. Sending all you hopeful mother’s to be love and positivity…

This time around feels so different! Probably because I have a crazy toddler on my hands. I felt much more sick and tired during this first trimester than I remember with Charlie. I woke up sick and went to bed feeling worse (honestly, 5pm I was in the fetal position on the couch – like clockwork). The only thing that seemed to help, although always the last thing I wanted, was food and by food I mean CARBS. I literally ate every 2 hours for 8 weeks. Plus way less exercise. To say I have felt a little sluggish would be an understatement! I’m finally coming out of the dark hole with a belly to prove it.

Because I know you will ask, we are not finding out the sex. We were surprised with Charlie and loved it so much so baby #2 will be a surprise, too!

It’s amazing how quickly you show with your second. With Charlie I didn’t have a bump until around 24/26 weeks and this one I definitely started showing around 11/12. It’s amazing how quickly you forget what pregnancy feels like. I loved being pregnant with Charlie but I think I forgot that the first trimester absolutely sucks. I’m excited to be feeling better and back on the fitness/healthy eating bandwagon.

I really want to make a point for this pregnancy to be a healthy one. Not that I wasn’t healthy with Charlie but I really stopped working out around 36 weeks, gave into cravings and I noticed that my body was too soft (read: the donuts and ice cream pints stuck around) after my baby belly was gone. I’m really going to make it a goal to document some healthy meals and workouts.

Anyways! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love on this photo. Dave and I read through every single comment and it seriously made us so much more excited for what is in store. It’s going to be a busy year and we can’t wait to share the whole journey with all of you. XOXO

Outfit details: J.Crew Stripe Dress (sadly sold out! I’ll keep you guys posted if it comes back in stock – similar here and here), Joie Sandals (also love these), Janessa Leone Hat, Charlie Stripe Sweatshirt, Gap Kids Jeans, Adidas Sneakers

Photos taken at the Lincoln Park Conservatory!